Sunday, June 17, 2007


So, 10 years ago, on the night before Father's Day, Scott asked me to be his bride.

Is that the best thing ever??????????? Yes!!! I can remember just how thrilled I was, and so proud to put that ring on my finger, and even think about being his wife! WIFE! I was going to be a WIFE soon. I've always wanted to be a wife, and to be in love.............and wow, I was so in love that night. I still am!

We drove straight to Kendall's house, and told her about it. I can still remember it like yesterday, her with those WAY TOO THICK glasses on , shh'shing me the whole time because Logan was asleep, and I was so excited! Just so happy, I could hardly stand it. She was so happy for us. And, kept saying "brother, I am so proud of you!". What a night!!

Then, the next morning, Brother Jacky announced our engagement to the entire church! What a great day! Father's Day, 1997. Wow, what a set of 10 years we have had! I love that Scott! I just love thinking about it, and how I just could not believe that he loved me. Serious.

Kristin said "what! you can't marry him, he wears cowboy boots!" I thought to myself, "and wow, does he look good in them!"

So, anyways, happy engagement anniversary day to us!

Oh, yeah, and Happy Father's Day..........tomorrow!

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