Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing Profound....Just life...for today

There is nothing profound about this post, nothing creative, or scrapbook-y. As I have come back off of our mission trip to New Orleans, and been in the midst of devastation, I have come home to it as well.

I have been in the bed since Sunday with the most painful ovarian cyst. Words can't express.

I have watched this family from afar face crisis, and now, yet another. My goodness, Lord, bless them.

Good grief, I have spent most of the last few weeks praying that God would show me so clearly where He wants me to be. That He would surround me with clarity. I don't see it, but I do see that my heart is a heart of compassion. I hurt so much for those in the midst of this crisis. I hurt for them, and I feel their pain. My goodness. Lord, what is it? I know you are trying, and I am trying to receive it. Bless all of these families around me, Lord. They are hurting.

I am seeking You. I am.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Please pray for

Steven Curtis Chapman and their family. Such tragic news.

You know, after a long turn of events, last night, I was really praying that God would open my eyes to where He wants me. Seeking out my true purpose...........and all that goes with that.

This morning, I hear this news, and just last weekend SCC was in an interview, and he was talking about his kids, and about his new song, my ultimate favorite, Cinderella, and he know you have to slow down, and enjoy these moments, because they will pass you by and one day, they WILL be gone.

My goodness, what a profound statement for me today, during their grief, and during these tragic moments that no one understands, God is still God and still delivers His message to those that believe.

My clarity come to me today, and may peace cover this family.

I know the sting of tragedy, and I know the feeling of "did this really happen" "was that a terrible dream" "how do I pick my feet up today"....................please, Jesus, help them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Camp Book!

Ok, the book is a little bit simple, but very cute (in my opinion). My church asked me to do a Summer Camp for teens, and so while I am at it, I will probably offer it at Scrap Etc. too! Not just for teens. Anyone that wants to do it, can!

I have a second book, too, using the Scenic Route Metropolis, but I don't have my pics in it yet, so hopefully, I can take pics of it today and post it here too!

Let me know what you think?! Too plain, Too simple, Too complex, what?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For Better or for Worse!!

Minnie Marathon 15K - 9.3 miles - 1 hour and 38 minutes!

What a great weekend! Scott was such a trooper, and at the last minute (well, the last minute as far as I know!) he decided to run with me! Can you believe it! I was not believing it until Minnie fired the gun, and we took off!!! He stayed right with me, every step of the way!

I had some knee pain (serious pain!) in mile ONE! What a discouraging start, and he kept telling me I could do it, and encouraging me to keep up, and I could not quit that early!!! Ugh! I really was discouraged at mile one, and then we were off, out of the Animal Kingdom parking lot, and off towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

So, the first few miles were pretty much all on Disney Roads, nothing major, just lots of sight seeing, Powerade / Water Breaks, people wearing Minnie Ears and the likes! Great fun!

So, about mile 4, the knees seemed to be a blur, and we were just about into Hollywood Studio’s. We passed the Tower of Terror sign, and man, I was pumped!

In we go, behind Tower of Terror, then on around near the Backlot Tour area, through costuming, (the ladies were already hard at work in there working on costumes!!), near some of the props (Scott happily pointed out a prop from Pirates!) then, down the streets, near Pizza Planet, and then towards the Sorceror’s Hat. We saw Mulan and her friend (Mushoo??!!). Gave them a good high five, and then down Hollywood Blvd!!

Out of Hollywood Studio’s and down towards the main gates, then up towards the bridge to the Boardwalk Villas. Around the backside of the pool and the BoardWalk, then over the bridge to the Yacht and Beach Club. That was super cool, and lots of people still cheering us on!

Then, in we go……….around the back side of the World Showcase, lots of cast members waving us on…….we were almost at mile 8!! Man…….I looked across the water, and saw the big Ball………………..seeming soooooooooooo far away!!!! Thinking by this point, I am never gonna make it!

Scott just kept checking on me, “how’s your knee” “are you doing ok” “hang in there, mom” “you can do it” (good grief, I was thanking God and loving Scott every step!)

So, with every little bit, that finish line was getting closer and closer!!! We passed America, China, the UK, Paris (not all in that order!) and then headed to Mexico. Man………I have never been so happy to see Mexico! I was thinking………I love Mexico, I love Mexicans, I love Quesadillas, I love tacos, I love burritos, I love churros, I love Mexico!!!

I know that the turn at Mexico meant that it was a walk in the park (pardon the pun) from here!!!

Then, down the main stretch, there was a great dj, playing the Disney Version of “hey, hey baby” (which we love from the cruise!!!) and so I flipped my ipod out of my ears, and Scott and I ran in, listening to all of the hoopla that the park had to offer!

Just outside the gates, there were TONS of people cheering………you are almost there, just around the corner, you are about to see the finish!!!

It was great!! So, we did it! We crossed the finish line!! Man, what a rush! One hour and 38 minutes! I love my husband. My biggest cheerleader! He’s the best!

Then, we were “medal’d” and then off to get water, banana, powerade, muffin, etc………………and some much needed Ice for the Knee!!!

Walked back to the resort and proceeded to be a waste at the pool for a while! Then, playing in the parks!!! Good times, kids, Good times!!

What a great day! What a major accomplishment!! Just the completion of it reminds me that I can do it!!!

January………………….here we come!!!! I can’t wait!

Here's a few links to the photos!!
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