Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Camp Book!

Ok, the book is a little bit simple, but very cute (in my opinion). My church asked me to do a Summer Camp for teens, and so while I am at it, I will probably offer it at Scrap Etc. too! Not just for teens. Anyone that wants to do it, can!

I have a second book, too, using the Scenic Route Metropolis, but I don't have my pics in it yet, so hopefully, I can take pics of it today and post it here too!

Let me know what you think?! Too plain, Too simple, Too complex, what?


Virginia said...

I honestly think it looks "just right." Enough detailed stuff to give it some uniqueness, but not over the top where it looks overwhelming.

And the SR Metropolis line was one of my favorites they ever released- I can't wait to see it!

Lisa said...

I think it's perfect - it's very girly and I rarely get to do girly - so I'm drawn to it!!! :)

BamagirlRUNS said...

WOW....there are some really great pix of your really HOT sister!!!

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