Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hurrican Harvey, Mr Rogers and Joel Osteen

I've used this quote before, because it was fitting for the Boston Marathon event, and it's valid today.

Our spiritual growth jumped to another level when we joined a "mega church".
But you see, our family didn't know it was a "mega church" because we didn't classify it that way.
Others did.
Others still do.

But we "visited" and we asked questions and we went to every event we could to "learn" more about this "mega church" and we wanted to know the heart of the pastor and the leaders and the other members.

Do they teach the Word of God? yes.
Do they love people as Christ would have us to? Yes.... trying harder every day.
Do they Serve others? Yes. Like an endless flame
Do they believe in tithing? Oh yes. Yes they do. And they operate on a debt-free, cash-only basis.
Do they...yes.
Do they...yes.
Do they...yes.

You see, we left our comfortable church. We left our friends. We left a giant piece of our heart to move. It was a painful decision in my heart, but it was a well of joy in my spirit.

God was calling us. We knew it as solid as a pastor feels like he has been called to another church.

We immediately began serving, hosting a Small Group in our home, both boys found their place of service, and spiritual growth began climbing.

Our church is a church of prayer.
Our church is classified by many as a "mega church".

Our church is a church of serving.
Our church is classified by many as a "mega church".

Our church is a church of giving.
Our church is classified by many as a "mega church".

Our church is a church of discipleship and community and restoration.
Oh and have a mentioned that I think a lot of folks categorize it as a "mega church".

You know what else?
My pastor does not know me by name. #gasp
Not yet :)
He will...
But my Campus Pastor does, and our Small Group Coach does and our Hub leaders do, and our Small Group members (community) do, and the hundreds of members that I have personally been intentional about meeting. They do.

But wait.
This is why.
My pastor is studying, he is leading, he is discipling, he is traveling the globe, taking the Good News of the Gospel to other countries.
He is giving his life away to other pastors and sharing every.single.thing he knows. To equip other pastors to be "mega churches".

Because every soul matters to God. 
So, my pastor has "duplicates" himself, by equipping other strong leaders.
After all, aren't we all in this for the same purpose. To reach souls for Christ?

What does this have to do with Hurrican Harvey and Joel Osteen.?
As I have read the "fake" articles bashing him, I am inclined to defend him.
But I won't.
What I will say is that he had mobilized "his" church to go serve other shelters already in place.
Where volunteers already were stationed.

He looked for the helpers.

....while people were "sharing" and "liking", those 'mega church people' were serving.

What did my pastor do? He looked for the helpers.
We have partnered with local churches in the Houston and surrounding areas. And we are equipping and resourcing them. They are already in place.

He looked for the helpers and he jumped right in.

There's really no time for gossip and slander when you have your feet to the ground sweating and serving.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Celebrating 22 years!

Today, we celebrate this guy! It's his Coke-a-versary! 
When we started dating, he was a "route guy" and he spent many weekends on call, so lots of our dates included a quick delivery here or there! I didn't mind. 
Chapman was born in such a hurry, he came straight from work and is wearing his Coke uniform in the hospital pictures. 
Still today, when we go in a store, he "fronts the drinks" in the cooler by the cash register, or he straightens a display that has been shopped over.  
He's hard working, loves his company,  and the best Director of Operational Marketing there is! 
Coke is our family. And we are thankful. And they've got a good one in him!! 
#22Years #Charming #CokeMan ❤️ 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2 virtuous women

Today I attended 2 funerals.
One this morning. One tonight. 2 very Godly women that I loved and admired. For their faith, their family values, and their serving, unselfish heart. 
Each funeral allowed time for hugging and chatting with old friends, seeing family members that we rarely see. And all of these things were good. 
At the end of the day....it leaves me thinking of "the end of my day". I can only hope I'm a portion of the person these women were. I pray that my faith radiates and draws others to Christ. Oh, if only my children will rise up and call me blessed. And if my days were full of giving to others, in whatever way God would have me give. 
My Aunt Joyce and Mrs Carolyn will both be truly missed. We are all better people because we knew them. 

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