Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love a good bargain

Found these online, thought i'd share!

Free slice of Pie @ the Waffle House - expires 12/15/09

Free Medium Pizza
Spend $10...and order online....Log onto and use code PZZAFBFAN.

$10 Toy Voucher from Keebler (I had one of these a few years a toy, use the voucher. Very cool)

Free Aveda Foot Relief

$5 rebate.....
Purchase any THREE SC Johnson products from the list between 10/1/09 through 6/30/10. Twin-packs and multi-packs are considered as single product purchase.

***And, note, WalGreens has their ziploc bags on sale for $1.99, so if you buy only pay $1.00 for 3 boxes! Good deal!
Get $5 back by mail when you purchase ANY 3 SC Johnson Products, including:
• Ziploc®
• Glade®
• Windex®
• Scrubbing Bubbles®
• Pledge®
• Shout®
• Fantastik®
• Drano®
• Raid®
• Off®
• Saran™
• Nature’s Source™

Santa Mr. Potato Head only $.99 at Target

Use this coupon, then buy the Santa Potato Head in the Christmas section at Target (only $5.99)

Several free samples at **just fill out the form, and they come in the mail!

Aveda Sample pack! very cool

Free Dog Treats

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The journey of the Rainbow Cake

Well, I have seen a VERY cute rainbow cake....several times on several different, I thought it would be fun to make one for, we were going over to my sisters house for the, Rainbow Cake here we come!

So, starting with 2 white cake mixes. Divide each mix into 3 you have a total of 6 bowls of cake batter (approx. 1 cup each)
Then, put some food coloring into each color per bowl.

Then, spray the pans (9 inch cake pans).....and pour one bowl into each pan. If you only have 3 pans...then you will bake 2 times, no big deal!
After each layer has baked, let it cool. I repeat...let it cool.

After each layer has cooled, begin the layering process. Bottom layer. Then icing. Make sure to put a good layer of icing, this is important.

Layer. Icing.
Layer. Icing.
Layer. icing.

Now, here's what happens if you don't let the layers cool enough.

Until the cake is completely stacked.
Now, um, I am not the smartest cookie, so I started my colors from the bottom, duh. But, you get the picture.

Ok, so, I know, green comes before blue, but, hey, perfection is NOT my strongest quality!

And, then, I added the purple....and began to ice the entire cake. I used a cream cheese icing, instead of white....and I think it was a good choice!

Then, let the singing begin, as I presented this lovely creation to my hubby!

And, here's the slice.......oooooohhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh

He loved it!

And, here's the first cut!

And, now.....remember that I said LET THE CAKE LAYERS COOL...... well, shortly after a few slices had been removed, the towers began to fall!!! It was almost in slow motion

Yes, slow enough that we had time to grab the video....note in the video we are laughing hysterically, and Mas comes in to let us know that we are disturbing their precious football viewing! duh! MEN!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Temporary Interruption of Service......

We interrupt this cleaning project for a few other events.....of MUCH more importance!

An Evening with Amy Grant and the Alabama Symphony........fabulous!

An Alabama Basketball game with my 3 fave guys!

A fun,hilarious night of baking at my sisters house! (video to follow, hopefully)

And, a day of under-the-weather-napping at home.

But, the cleaning will continue, don't worry! I have enjoyed 1/3 of my house being clean (and it still is!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Three-Done!

If you are not in the loop....catch up, here!
Oh, the kitchen. I mean...........oooooohhhhhhh, the kitchen (not said in a happy tone!)

It starts off with a little background. When we bought the house...the ONLY negative, is that the washer/dryer is IN the kitchen. I don't mean a closet in the kitchen, or a room off of the kitchen, NO! I mean IN the kitchen! And, I just do not like it.

But, we have not done anything about it, b/c in due time.....the kitchen will get a MAJOR overhaul. I am talking major. So, for stays.

The snacks, oh, the snacks! (on top of the fridge!)They overtake us sometime! But between lunches, ballgames, road trips, and just plain ole having the munchies....we always have TONS of snacks!

And, then there's this little spot...I love it! It is the coziest spot in the kitchen. But, please! Those flowers. D.E.A.D! And, have been for over a week now....doesn't anyone other than me see that?!

This little desk area...catches all of the JUNK in the kitchen!

And, the tons and never-ending tons of Halloween Candy! Gotta work on that.

So.......after LOTS of different cleaning supplies (several not pictured!)

-------------The Kitchen is CLEAN!-----------------

Look at the washer and dryer, and all of those snacks! All tidy!!!
**I even cleaned out the INSIDE of the fridge!

My little corner, all clean! gone!

The desk....clean as a whistle!

The counters clean!

The stove.....even the inside.....clean!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Two-Done!

Day Two----The Bathrooms------Well, lets say I had a little detour in my day!

Good Morning America! Can you believe it! How fun!!!!!

(Um, like, I left my house at 6pm on Monday, my sis, and my friend Diane...we drove to Nashville, camped out for a spot at the front, watched Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley LIVE on Good Morning America, played around a little with Alan Jackson, and then we headed home....Um, a much needed Starbucks helped us arrive home 3:30! Yes, 23 hours of jam-packed-country-music-lovin'-fun!

And, then, I commenced to cleaning! As is my goal for the week!

Ugh, this bathroom it is like the center of everything, we all just travel in and out of it!

I mean, I actually like it, that since we've moved, we still like all being together! So, lots of times, when I am drying my hair, or Scott is ironing....the boys will come in, chat, or just hang out with us. Kind of ok with me!

The counters collect so much stuff. It is hard to manage sometime!

This is Scott's side of the bathroom! He needs a little nudging too! (even with his neat-freak kind of self!)

This is just a little whimsy I made, and I love having it hanging in my bathroom! It has the quote "I do love nothing more than this day". It is a gentle reminder. I need!

Look at this! I cleaned it OUT! I mean, who needs all of that junk, samples, junk I accumulate?! Out it went! Now, all the stuff I use!!!

So, the shade started out like this....notice that it is dirty, and the lace, or whatever that is, is falling off, and just old! Well, I am in a "makeover recession" right now, so I could not spend $$$ on the shade that I've had my eyes on.......but, I decided to repurpose this one!

So, I printed off a HUGE "S" on my computer, cut it out (with my little finger x-acto from fiskars....and a gift from Scrap ETC!),

(well, I was gonna add Smith across the center.....waaaaayyyy too much work for me right now!)

and then.....yes, don't freak out.....I traced the "S" with pencil, and then filled it in with a Sharpie. Yes. A Sharpie. And.....for what it is.....I love how it turned out!
*Then, I hotglued a little bit of Fancy Pants black ball trim on the bottom. Ta da! All done!

All done! And, clean, and I love it!

******The upstairs Bathroom*****

Ugh! This is the boys bathroom, and how does it get so! really looks ok in the pic....but do NOT be deceived. There is junk everywhere, and it is dirty!

2nd view of the counters. Junk'd up!

Oh, look at this closet?! Can you see all of the dirty clothes down there?! I mean, we seriously have a laundry issue!

The bathroom counter is always a wreck mainly just because they stack stuff here, and stack stuff there!

-----------And, now the finished product!---------------

The bathroom at a glance! I love having a Disney Bathroom. It makes happiness!!! I love the quote on the wall!

This little guy, he makes me so happy. My mom and I bought him at a yard sale when I was little. I was so proud to have him. He is cast iron, and HEAVY! But, he sits at the bottom of the tub there, and just fills me with happy! He is so cute!

And yes, those lights and that mirror were hung ON PURPOSE! Hidden Mickey!

The photos on the wall are from some Disney trips when the boys were little! We have LOTS! And, it is so neat to know that I have literally watched them grow up there!

This picture does not look great, but this closet is cleaned out, and ready for some fresh clean towels!

Clean Counters

All nice, and finished! And, yes, that IS a Restroom sign on the door! We love it!
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