Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crafty Treats

I love Fall, and I love to start getting my house ready for the seasons!

So, I decided, on a pretty Sunday afternoon, to make a little something I have been wanting to try! I had this old wood, from a project that Mason and my Father-in-law were working on....

So, I picked out a few pieces that were good for what I was wanting.

I cleaned it up, and spray painted it black. Now, I wanted it to look a little rusty, so I did not coat it super well, just to let a tiny bit of the wood show!

Then, I played around on the computer and found a font I wanted, so I opened up a word document, and made my words, and made them as big as the screen would allow!

Then, I printed them on cardstock, and then cut the letters out with an x-acto knife (treating my words as a stencil).

Then, I took them outside, and I used temporary spray adhesive....(you could use tape)....and sprayed the wood, with a silver textured spray paint!

And, here it is, in the kitchen! I love it! And, I love having a little handmade something in my kitchen!

ps: the cute little orange letters are from my scrapbook stash!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and everything else is just Clutter!

This picture has nothing to do with the story, but it really is relevant, in the end!


We went to a dinner several weeks ago, An Evening with Coach Nick Saban. Well, it was a great night, in itself, but I gained something from him, that God has been ringing through and through over the last few weeks.

He said, in football,they worry about two things....the offense and the defense. Nothing else. Not the stands, not the crowd, not the media, not the other team all in black, nothing. 2 things.

He said, "everything else is just clutter".

And, the same is true in life. But, maybe I worry about 4 or 5 things. (well, *should* worry about 4 or 5 things)
God-and my relationship with him
Scott-and my relationship with him
my boys-and my relationship with them
our families
and friends (you know, the real ones....not the ones that pretend they are, and then it comes down to it...and they are not!)

So, that is something God has been working on me with, in my journey to find my place, my purpose, my real reason for existence here. And, with some intense prayer, and desire for those answers, He is showing me some wonderful things.

Bringing me back to the picture. I think I will quit worrying about the junk, the job (or the lack of), the friends that really aren't friends at all, the money (or the lack of!), and just the rest of the trash....and I think I will continue to seek God's heart, and snuggle with my hubby, and make some fun memories with my boys!

because really, "everything is just clutter"!

Roll Tide!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Acting like kids...........

Well, this is us playing with my iPhoto on the plane a few weeks ago, and I just love the pics! Too fun!

So, I have been really struggling with my Purpose. And, this is a continual struggle right now, so, I wish I could report some epiphany, or something, but alas, I cannot. I am trying to find where exactly God wants me right now, and what He would have me to do, to serve, and to be useful, and such. Well, in this quest, I have really had some struggles.

I hate to give too much credit to the devil, but I think that maybe God tests us a little more, when we are trying to draw closer to Him, or maybe the devils creeps in the same amount, but I am just noticing it more.

I digress.

So, through it all, I have spent alot of time running, with my praise music.....or not any music at all.....and God has revealed to me OVER AND OVER ( I am stubborn!) that it is ALL His.

The money.
The house. (and the repairs needed!)
The car (with semi-working a/c)
The friends
The church.
The eagerness to serve in my fullest capacity.

It's all His.

Why do I have such a hard time turning it over.


I guess the quote stands "He's still working on me!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting my craft on!

So, I was playing around with my August Scripts Kit, and this is what happened!

I have had this little Cosmo Cricket box FOREVER, and I finally did something with it!

My boys LOVE to look at pictures, and sometimes, I just tend to leave my finished pages in my studio...for too long!

So, my plans for this box, is to keep it filled with pictures, even if they are random events, times, etc! But, they can be kind of "pages in waiting" pics, or just whatever! But, atleast something fun for the boys, or anyone that visits, to look through!

Most of this is from the kit, with the exception of the bling, and the prima!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I needed an excuse.......

to use my new spatula!

I am not really a "souvenir" kind of person, because I could literally souvenir myself to death at Disney World, because I love EVERYTHING!

But, in DisneyLand, I could not resist! I had to have this little beauty!!!! And, then of course, tonight, I needed a good excuse to use it! So, pancakes for dinner! And, I loved it!

And, yes, of course, I made a few 'mickey shaped' ones!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I've been too gone for too long!

Too much has happened, how do I catch up?! I've never been this terrible at blogging! But, I've also never lived a fuller, busier life! Well, yes, maybe I have, but I think I've just been too full and have had no idea where to start!

So, I'll just pop in a few highlights!

We did the Disneyland 5k just last weekend! What a blast! You know I love to run.....but running Disney, now that really gets me excited! I love it!

And, then, ran the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon! Um, even more fun!

And, alot more along the way! But, for now, that's enough!

Now that the boys are back in school, and I am getting back to my "normal", maybe I can keep up a little better!
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