Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun time weekend

What a great weekend we had! Nice, refreshing, renewing weekend. Just me and Susie easy going, no stress. Wow! That is the best.
I think we have a new BFF, Lance, from Rusty Pickle. Lovingly known as Mr. Pickle. Wow, what a fun guy, and great instructor!
Yep, finished my Story Of Us album and 2 of my 3 class projects. Still working on my Main Event pages. Those will be finished soon!

Totally inspired, and wishing I had time to create, but, darn that Disney World!!!!!!!!!!! Only 6 days until we leave YIPPEEEEE!!!!

Gotta start packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too busy 2 blog

Ok, too busy to keep up on my blog:

  • CKU tomorrow, haven't packed a thing!
  • Ebay folks driving me crazy
  • Working craziness
  • Disney world in 10 days, are you kidding?
  • Oh, yeah, my family!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Race for the Cure update!!

This rocks! Thank you all! I am so excited, here's the count so far:

UPDATE: $151.00 as of 8.27.07--------Thank you all so much!!!
-Coach Costello
-Stanley & Lee
-Tim & Christy

Friday, August 10, 2007

They made it through...........and so did I!

Ok, so after my craziness, I went into my craft studio and surrounded myself with goodness.

So, Ali suggested starting an everyday journal. Which, after lots of chatting (and a few tears) with Vanessa, I really decided that my journaling is such a vital part of my scrapbooking. So, Ali's idea was just fabulous!

Off to work! I made this everyday album, and had fun doing it, and working on the first page. I have pics for the next page. Hoping to do that now! Off to work!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Please, let it be over soon!

So, last night, I really pumped the boys up. Encouraging them for the upcoming year. Getting them ready, Chap will make some new friends, and see some old. Mas will be at the Jr. High with 7th and 8th grade coming together, and some of his b'ball buddies will be there.

I prayed with each of them individually last night, instead of the usual "huddle" and prayed for excellence, and for their successes,and prayed for great teachers and a wonderful schedule and prayed that they would reflect Christ as they journey throughout their day. I prayed that God would order their steps and their actions, and that they would find joy over and over as the year goes on.

Woo-freakin-hoo. I hope they bought that. I hope they believed that I am really excited for a new year. Because I am not! I did mean my prayers but I meant them as much for me as for them.

I dropped Mason off in what seemed like a sea of sharks searching for their next vicitim. I even heard one guy Mas got out of the car..."who's that kid". They were all in their very well established cliques. I think it hurt me more than anything. The tears came freely and I just prayed as I waited in that ever so long car line. I prayed confidently that he would cultivate friendships that were positive and strong and encouraging and clean. I prayed that God would give him wisdom and discernment to stay away from the trash that invades this generation of kids. Lord, please, protect him at that place.

Oh, and then to take Chap. Good grief, just turning onto the road before the school. I was becoming a wreck. I turned the air up, hoping to completely dehydrate my tear ducts. Crazy.

So, I already don't have the best attitude about this year, and I am actively praying about that.

As Chap walked in, he was immediately put to work. So, he sat down (at the seat the has been moved since just 2 days ag0) and he shot me the --it's gonna be a long day--smile and I gave him a grin. Snapped a quick picture (yes, just one....I felt thankful to be able to take that one!) and gave a wink and I was out.

What, are you serious? That's it. Yep, out the door. I could not get to my car quick enough. I was almost running. Crying beneath my shades, and even until now.

Good grief, I miss Ms. Whitten.

Where is the love for a mother?

Dear Lord, please let 2:50 come quickly. ( or better yet, let the school call and say that my boys just can't live without me! Yeah, that's it!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quarters for the Cure

Ok, here's the deal!

Greetings to all!

Ok, so many of you know by now that running is really something I am enjoying. And, part of it is the fact that the running is always for a good cause.

That’s why I write today. I need your help! I am running in the Race for the Cure on October 13th, and our team needs donations for the CURE!

All I am asking is for ONE DOLLAR. FOUR QUARTERS. Yes, that’s right. One dollar could save someone’s life. Four quarters could aid in the research for the cure of Breast Cancer.

You can do it. That’s one Hershey Bar that you can do without. That’s one Krispy Kreme doughnut (I know, it’s a sacrifice!!!).

Seriously. Here’s how.

Simply mail one dollar to me. If you feel led, send more. If not…… dollar is all I am asking for. ALL MONEY RECEIVED will be entered for the CURE. You can track the progress on our Team Page or on my Blog

I will keep all monies posted online as it is received! I am really excited about this and the potential for FOUR QUARTERS for the CURE!

So, if you want to, please forward this to your address book, and maybe others will send $$. The more dollars received, the closer we can get to a cure! Please help.

 I run, you don’t have to!
 Mail one dollar to my address
 All dollars received go directly to research for a CURE
 Keep track of the money raised on my blog
 Save a life!

Thanks so much and I look forward to running for the cure!

UPDATE: $92.00 as of 8.10.07--------Thank you all so much!!!
-Coach Costello
-Stanley & Lee

Sunday, August 5, 2007

How fun is that!!!!

What a super fun day!!!

The day finally came! We have waited for this fun event and all the hype!

So, here's the fun:
The day started at 5am, getting ready.all geared up!
Got there, all keyed up, marathon bar, tab energy, and all!
The boys were excited and keyed up, too and ready to go
Race started at 7:30am. Over 500 runners! How fun!
Scott finished in under 25 minutes, that was his goal! Yeah he made it!!
I finished under 30, that was my goal! Yeah, I made it! I was so excited!!!
Mason did the 5k! How exciting!
Well, Chap......... a little drama with that, as always!! He had fun, just hot and tired!
And, best of all, we had fun!

Oh, yeah! And, I won an ipod! Yeap, that's right! Door prize heaven!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

So, it was a great day! Great fun!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

OH No!

Oh, no! She lost her first tooth!!!!!!

That should be great, right??!! Well, she was spending the night with her FAVE B, and guess what? Yep, lost the FIRST tooth! I think my sister is going to die. Seriously.

So, I know the feeling. Chap was at Nana's when he lost his first tooth (and second.........lost them both on the same day!) And I cried like a baby because I missed it. I missed the first tooth. So, I do know that feeling.

Sorry Sissy! But, she is super cute..........talking funny!!

This is the day..................

This is the day that the Lord has made! It has started off much better than the past two days. YUCK! I was ready to start over before 9am yesterday.

So, my run was great this morning, the weather wonderful, sleepy Chap is already awake and snuggly and the coffee is brewing. Mason still sleeping, of course.

Only one week until school starts, so I want them to enjoy this last day of NO ROUTINE. Tonight we will start with a good bedtime, and wake up time in the morning.

Oh no! Only one week. Better get off this laptop and spend sometime with them.
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