Friday, August 10, 2007

They made it through...........and so did I!

Ok, so after my craziness, I went into my craft studio and surrounded myself with goodness.

So, Ali suggested starting an everyday journal. Which, after lots of chatting (and a few tears) with Vanessa, I really decided that my journaling is such a vital part of my scrapbooking. So, Ali's idea was just fabulous!

Off to work! I made this everyday album, and had fun doing it, and working on the first page. I have pics for the next page. Hoping to do that now! Off to work!



bri said...

beautiful work.. and journaling is super important.. sometimes I just write whatever I feel about the layout on the back.. no one reads them because it means taking out all the layouts but I know its there.. and my son will too!

Jenney said...

Super, super cute!!!

Rhonda G. said...

I saw these circle albums the other day @ HL.

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