Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wow! I've missed them!

Wow! I have missed them! This is the picture that I have on my wallpaper of my laptop. So, while I was in Columbus, as I turned on my laptop, it reminds me of just how much I miss my boys when I am away. I miss Scott, and I miss the boys being so sweet to me! I miss telling them goodnight, and I miss them waking up.

I miss telling Scott all about my day, and I miss sitting on the couch and "laptopping" together with him (we are old married people, sometimes, and we LOVE it!)

So, I am glad to be's still home for now :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

God is so good!

Blogging from Columbus, GA.

Wow, I can't wait to see what God is going to do next! Although I can't go into all of the details right now, God has continued to open door after door, to allow us to move into the Circle Drive house.

As we speak, I am in awe of the wonders of His work. He has opened doors that did not even seem to have HINGES! Seriously, God is good, and for now...........that's enough said!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Morning, Lord.

At one of the many events Scott has been asked to sing or speak at, (I don't even remember when) I heard an old preacher say "Don't be so negative, don't be so dreadful, don't wake up saying 'Good Lord,it's morning......' instead wake up and say with excitement 'Good Morning, Lord!"

So, this morning as my alarm was 4:30am so I could get to the gym on time........I thought OH NO! I just don't want to. Good's morning (of course, at 4:30am, it doesn't look like morning!)

So, I got up anyways, and went on to the gym. As I was listening to Boogie Shoes on my mp3, I was thinking "thank you Lord for giving me the drive to get up, and thank you for the day" I even thought about that preacher reminding me to say "Good Morning, Lord".

Now, as the boys are at school, and Scott is on his way to work, and I sit drinking my coffee, checking emails, piddling on ebay, and listening to my morning music, I am thinking it is a Good Morning! Thanks, Lord.

Monday, January 22, 2007

one of my 3QTGUYS is sick

Sad, sad day! Chapman is sick! Fever...fever...fever.

He is the sweetest patient, telling me just exactly how much he loves me, and what a good mommy I am! See there, he DOES need me! Sometimes, I wonder if God brings these days just to remind me that I need to stop and snuggle more, and to remind me that they DO need me, even when I begin to get frustrated, thinking they don't.

But, they do!

And, so does their Daddy. Whether he wants to admit it or not! He double books us, making dinner plans with one couple, when he has practice and so does Chapman on the same night! What in the world was he thinkin'. I mean, I am good, but not that good!

And, of course, Mason just ticks along, like a clock. You can count on him, to be routine! And, to make crazy-headed mistakes! That kid is smart as can be, but I sure do want to smack him sometimes! CRAZY KID!

But, regardless, just another day, and at the end of it, I am reminded (and thankful to God) of how much I love and I NEED my 3QTGUYS!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!

I did it! And not only did I finish, but I ran the entire 5K. I did not stop, I did not walk...yes, I ran from start to finish.

Oh my goodness! I can't say how proud of myself that I am, just for actually doing something this physical, and for reaching the goal that I set ahead of myself.

We left here at 6:30 am, I had my banana and my Tab energy and off we went. Me, Leigh, Mary Anne, and Vickie. My Aunt Teri met us there, and we absorbed as much of the outdoor heaters as we could!

Then, approx. 8:15am, the fired the gun, and off we went. Oh, did I mentioned that I ran the entire thing!!!!!!

So, after we finished, we had Krispy Kreme doughnuts (I mean, really, can it get any better!) then had a Free Massage, and then headed to Starbucks! Wow, what a great morning.
When we got back home, Leigh and I headed straight to Mason's ballgame, and yes! They won!

What a great day!!!

Yes, I did it!!!! my legs are tired! Seriously!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Less than 12 hours away

This time tomorrow, I will either be able to say "I did it!!!" or I will have to say, "it kicked me!"

Tomorrow, I will be running my first 5K. One of my 10 things to do before I die. I don't know why, I am not a runner, not even an athlete - not at all. But, I have always thought it would be neat to say that I ran a marathon.

Why is it when I say "I am running a marathon" people say WOW, and then when I say 5K, they say "oh, that's all." WHAT? Only a 5k? ! ? As if everyone is out and about just running 3+ miles everyday for casual.

Well, for me it is a major task, and adventure if you will. I am just so excited, and so proud of even the fact that I have "trained" and conditioned myself to run, to actually be fit enough to even consider running. I am just so excited!

So, I have eaten my pasta (as I saw on a running show......that you should eat pasta the night before a big run, because you burn those carbs easy). I have my banana ready for in the morning, shoes are ready, new Red Nose Run shirt, washed and ready to wear, MP3 loaded with my fave songs, and even my cute skull cap ready for the 27 degree low temps that we are expecting!

Off we gooooooooo......................

but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:13-14

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My 2 picks

So, I really like these guys! Rudolpho from Seattle and the Sailor from Minneapolis.
I am really liking them, who knows why, but they just had a little something that struck me.
Well,I guess I really liked the Lion Girl, but she did not make the cut! LOVE THAT!
The boys watched the auditions and they loved it. They kept saying "ooh, that's not good".
So, I guess we will see what happens. Birmingham airs on the 30th, so that should be interesting!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Find BLISS in the silliest things

So, the other morning I am busy about in the kitchen. I just LOVE a box of freshly opened Fruit Loops. I know, that seems crazy. But, one thing I discovered in my Book About Me with Becky Higgins is that I have a crazy quirk. When I pour a bowl of cereal, whether it be mine or the boys or whatever, I grab a quick bite of the dry cereal before I add the milk. ALWAYS! I can't help it. Quirky, I know (thanks Becky!!)

Anyways, so I pour a bowl for the boys, and grab a bite. WOW, I just love them! So, I take the handful to Scott and I say "ugh, I just LOVE a fresh box of Fruit Loops" he says, "oh my gosh, me too!" Then, last night, I catch him eating a bowl of fruit milk!

Now, almost 10 years together, and who knew.

So, this morning, after I had my coffee, I just poured some milk....and sat. And thought. Just a reminder that our marriage is just as fresh as that newly opened box......and I love every piece!


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Funday Sunday

Seriously, what does it take to get a job at Arby's? Obviously, not too much. So, I am already frustrated........long story, when Scott is in band is hard for him to focus on other things...Anyways, 'nuff said. (sorry, honey! but it's true!) I pull up to the speaker thing, and tell the lady, I have a pretty long order, but I give it to her very simply, and all in like quantities. (after all, I am really only ordering for 4 people!).

Anyways, so I get up there, and it takes for flippin' ever! As all of the Arby's girls are NOT busy getting my order together, because they are chatting. (so, I am remembering that my word for '07 is BLISS so I am trying to stay positive) so, she hands me the order all in 2 bags, which seems like not enough.

As I am about to pull off, I realize there are no sauces and and no napkins, etc. So, I wait (while they chat) and finally she opens the window and says "what?" then I nicely say, "oh, I just need a few packs of........." as the window closes........(Chapman is cracking up at the whole thing.......still singing his weirdo version of Joy to the World" ) so she finally re-opens the window, and I say, "and some marinara sauce" long story, I take the food to the guys in the band, only to realize that they have left out 3 items (which just happen to include MINE!)

....back to Arby's........

Must I say, the BLISS is hard to find at this moment, so I nicely drive up to the window, and they look at me like I am missing an eyeball! They give me the food, with no apology, no anything, just a smack, here's the bag, get out.

Guess what??????????

i am NOT thinking Arby's!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Years Expectations

Well, I am gonna try the whole blog thing again. I do enjoy jotting down my thoughts, but just don't take a minute to do it.

So, it is January 6 and so far so good. I have been just enjoying a little bit of down time with the boys and Scott. Working out, cleaning out, and throwing out! That is good.

But, all day I have been down with the CRUD! Gotta love that. So, I am home, watching a movie marathon ( currently Legally Blonde) and being a total bum on the couch. Chip laying like a bigger bum right beside me.

Scott and they boys are at the Monster Truck how redneck is that?! But, they will love it!

Ok, off for now. We will just see how long I can keep this up!
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