Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Years Expectations

Well, I am gonna try the whole blog thing again. I do enjoy jotting down my thoughts, but just don't take a minute to do it.

So, it is January 6 and so far so good. I have been just enjoying a little bit of down time with the boys and Scott. Working out, cleaning out, and throwing out! That is good.

But, all day I have been down with the CRUD! Gotta love that. So, I am home, watching a movie marathon ( currently Legally Blonde) and being a total bum on the couch. Chip laying like a bigger bum right beside me.

Scott and they boys are at the Monster Truck how redneck is that?! But, they will love it!

Ok, off for now. We will just see how long I can keep this up!


Monique said...

Hey. Glad you are your email today...I'll chat with you about some things...very cool. Love the pink and fav. Alright, now keep up the blogging. Hope you feel better soon.

mary h. said...

So funny.

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