Thursday, January 11, 2007

Find BLISS in the silliest things

So, the other morning I am busy about in the kitchen. I just LOVE a box of freshly opened Fruit Loops. I know, that seems crazy. But, one thing I discovered in my Book About Me with Becky Higgins is that I have a crazy quirk. When I pour a bowl of cereal, whether it be mine or the boys or whatever, I grab a quick bite of the dry cereal before I add the milk. ALWAYS! I can't help it. Quirky, I know (thanks Becky!!)

Anyways, so I pour a bowl for the boys, and grab a bite. WOW, I just love them! So, I take the handful to Scott and I say "ugh, I just LOVE a fresh box of Fruit Loops" he says, "oh my gosh, me too!" Then, last night, I catch him eating a bowl of fruit milk!

Now, almost 10 years together, and who knew.

So, this morning, after I had my coffee, I just poured some milk....and sat. And thought. Just a reminder that our marriage is just as fresh as that newly opened box......and I love every piece!


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