Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Morning, Lord.

At one of the many events Scott has been asked to sing or speak at, (I don't even remember when) I heard an old preacher say "Don't be so negative, don't be so dreadful, don't wake up saying 'Good Lord,it's morning......' instead wake up and say with excitement 'Good Morning, Lord!"

So, this morning as my alarm was 4:30am so I could get to the gym on time........I thought OH NO! I just don't want to. Good's morning (of course, at 4:30am, it doesn't look like morning!)

So, I got up anyways, and went on to the gym. As I was listening to Boogie Shoes on my mp3, I was thinking "thank you Lord for giving me the drive to get up, and thank you for the day" I even thought about that preacher reminding me to say "Good Morning, Lord".

Now, as the boys are at school, and Scott is on his way to work, and I sit drinking my coffee, checking emails, piddling on ebay, and listening to my morning music, I am thinking it is a Good Morning! Thanks, Lord.

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