Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quiet Cove Cafe - on the Disney Dream

Cove Cafe is a little quite, coffee shop on the Disney Dream. You can order a latte, or even something with a little "kick" in it....then just outside the doors are the Adult only pool, and the hot tub that is more like an infinity pool....seeing into the sea!


This quiet spot can be very seductive. Drawing you into the sounds of the sea, and the slight rocking of the waters....and before you know you are!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a small world--The nursery on the Disney Dream

So, I would love to do a bazillion posts on all of the lovelies on the Disney Dream.....but, I am not quite sure I will ever get it all, I will do my best!

I want to start with this one. The nursery.

I mean, I know it is silly, but, this is the cutest little nursery in the world. (pun absolutely intended).

So many families will board the Disney Dream, and they will have little ones, that they want to put in the nursery. Rest assured they will be well loved.

Every little detail is taken care of, from the changing station, to the hand washing, and the cribs. This is a little slice of Heaven.

The theme, It's a Small World, could not be more fitting...and more inviting!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm on the Disney Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for knowing the desires of my heart. Not only, am I absolutely in love with my job as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner....but I have to go to WORK today....

My heart skipped a beat when I added the text to this picture! I am on the Disney Dream! I am on the Disney Dream.

Maiden Voyage - January 26,2011

My Voyage - January 23,2011

I feel like it is history in the making. Jennifer Hudson is the GodMother of the ship. The new nursery, It's a small world. The new dining room, Remy's. The new Water Coater, The Aquaduck. Oh, I can't wait to see it all!!!

See ya real soon...................

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Von Trapp Children

(one of these is not like the other!)

I won tickets to an intimate lunch with Magic 96FM and the Von Trapp Children. Very fun.

Very cool to hear the GRANDCHILDREN of the group that we grew up with, knowing them as one of the most popular, respected singing groups. Very cool.

So, I got to see some of my favorite people....
Me and Janet-the-cutest-thing-you've-ever-seen-Richey

And, me and the peeps!! (can't leave home without 'em)
*note Diane holding her vintage Sound of Music Album*

And, then, here's a little clip of some of what they were singing during our lunch. And, don't be fooled by the dude in the ultra cool pants. He is only 16 and his voice was fabulous!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Main Street Electrical Parade

When I was little, and we went to Walt Disney World, we would always wait until the end of the night, find a spot near the curb, my dad would go get some popcorn for the three of us to share (never really worked out, because my brother would steal mine...) and we would wait anxiously....very anxiously for the parade to start.

I can remember that they used to come over the loud speaker and say "the parade will be begin in 10 minutes".......oh my goodness. that was the longest 10 minutes EVER!!!

Anyways, when the announced that they were bringing this parade back.......I was so super excited. And, then even more excited when I realized it would be showing during our visit to Walt Disney World in January.

So, of course, we found our popcorn involved......and waited. I am not sure who was more excited....the boys...or me! But, here it is!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Eve -2010

Well, Mr. Smith and the teenager were out of town, so, we decided to go hang out with some friends and spend the New Years Eve with them.

Now, I am not one to stay up, just to see the clock turn, but I also did not want to just hang out at home, either!

So, I gave the little one several options, and he chose the girly-sleepover! So, off we went!

We made Ice Cream Sundaes, YUM! With LOTS of sugar and about 10pm, yeah, 'cause I am cool like that!

Then, we got all tucked in and ready for bed. Yes, sugar and then an attempt at sleep. He doesn't do so well with that :)

But, it was a great night had by all!

A great way to send 2010 out the door, and bring 2011 in!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Butcher Block and ORB

I have no idea where I saw this idea, about adding some life to my butcher block knife holder, however, I was feeling the need to spray paint sOmeThinG....anything....the other day....and this holder was the victim.

And, I am glad I did.

I emptied the knives out, and wiped it off real good, and got started. Yes, just me, and a can of ORB, and I was all set!

So, I gave it a good coat of ORB, and then, it still needed one more, so I did.

Yes, don't be jealous of my very creative painting was cold outside, and the garage was the best option, well, that and a little help from an Abercrombie gift box :)

Anyways, after I sprayed the block, but while it was drying, I grabbed my handy dandy Making Memories Slice, and I cut a cute little "S" with the Sock Hop design card.

I cut it with white vinyl. And, I like it.

So, as soon as the block was dry, I added the vinyl.....and Tada!!! I love it!

And, it looks GREAT in my kitchen, next to my massive Starbucks cup, of course!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OWN- The Next TV Star

I was so excited to be offered the chance to preview the first episode of Your OWN Show: Oprah's search for the next TV Star.

The show actually airs this Friday, January 7,2011. However, I was able to watch the first episode today, and it is just great!

It is a blend of the apprentice, and the skills and team concepts that they need, and the Oprah Show and all of the coolness that it has.

Now, I know, I know. It's NOT the Oprah Show. Yes, it's a reality show. But, it's real people aspiring to be a Talk Show Host.

It's real people with real families and real goals and dreams and talents.

I like it. I like the concept. I like the challenges. I like the whole thing!

It was a great episode, and I am sure that it will inspire people to tune in weekly as these real-life people compete and dream their way to being the Next TV Star!

Now, you know I am a fan of the stay at home mom, and I absolutely LOVE the looks on their faces when Oprah walks in for the first time. You can tell that they are fans of hers, and just shocked when they see her for the first's like a "on my my living room.but really here in the studio.experience!!!! Very cool. *um, I know the feeling*

***And, one of the VERY best parts.....because it was a sneak preview...straight from the production was COMMERCIAL FREE!!! No ads, no spam, no nothing!!! Yahoo!!!!

About OWN:
OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network is a multi-platform media company designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN will debut on January 1, 2011, in approximately 80 million homes on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel. During the OWN launch weekend, viewers will have the chance to see a little of everything OWN has to offer. OWN programming includes original series and specials, all focused on entertaining, informing and inspiring people to live their best lives. SheSpeaks gave me this opportunity to preview this episode. The OWN Network airs the first episode of Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star on Friday, January 7,2011. Check your local listings.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in review........part 1

Sometimes, when I take a second to look back...either a week, month, or in this case YEAR in review, I am reminded of just how much fun life is, and how blessed I am!!

What a fabulous 2010.....let's take a look:

January 2010:

We started brought in the New Year at Joe and Emily's house! Love this!
The next day, we took off for a family trip to Walt Disney World! Yes, a TON of us! Scott's whole family! We had so much fun with them for their first trip!

And, how fun! A night at the Circus, and Scott treated us to a major fun experience with the RingMaster and some of the clowns!

February 2010:

We had snow in Alabama!!! It was beautiful!

Then, I had so much fun with the boys, while they ran the Mercedes Marathon. Chap ran the Kids, can you tell he had fun?

And, Mason ran the 5k. FREEZING. Snow. Yes. FREEZING!

I went to the Beth Moore book signing and got to meet her again....ooooh, just to soak up some of her goodness!

Of course, we celebrated National Pancake Day!

March 2010:

Look how much fun we have sometimes at home! I could NOT resist this shot!

I LOVE hanging out in my boys' classes, and with their friends, I was so thankful his teacher snapped this of me reading one morning to their class.

Me and some of my Princess friends, zipped down to Walt Disney World for the Disney's Princess Half Marathon. Running, friends, characters, and a tiara! That's my kind of race!

Then, we wisked Diane away for her 40th birthday suprise! And, what a surprise it was! Surprise, Diane!!! You're going to Hollywood!!!
(this is her on the phone with her husband, very confused with what's happening)

First stop....Oprah Winfrey! Yes, her Post Oscar party, live from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood!!!

And, then after the show....we dashed over to The Price is Right...for a little fun......

***wait, can't reveal the details until April :)

The boys just chilled on Spring Break....a little fishin'

A little fun at the McWane Center....(I know it's gross, who cares, it was fun)

April 2010:

At my birthday party, where all of my friends were gathered to "watch" the show.......they were SURPRISED when they saw all of us ON the show!!! Not only were we in the audience...but, yes, there we were!!!!

And, well, they called my name! They called me.....COME ON DOWN!!!!

And, these were "my people".........look how excited they were!

Needless to say, Mr. Smith was shocked!!!!! He had NO idea!!!

And, all of these fabulous people came to be a part of the fun!

Then, the VERY next day.....Scott surprised me with a trip to Barber's Motorsports...where I met Patrick Dempsey!!!!

Then, on my actual birthday, Scott invited a bunch of my friends to dinner, and a field trip for the girls to Charming Charlie's! (my 35th was a GREAT one!)

We went for a very fun Easter Egg Hunt at Talladega SuperSpeedway......bazillions of eggs!
Our Life Discovery Class at Eden Westside Baptist Church took family photos for our church members on Easter Sunday! I loved doing this as a service to our church family.
Finished up the month with a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo with some of my favorite kids on the planet!
We ran Casey's Cause, for my friend Brandi!

May 2010:

The Crawfish Boil. A great big outdoor party. Good Times with good friends!

We went to a Mello Yello celebration where Mason entered the 2 liter Chug contest....and...well....the 2 liter went DOWN...and then it came UP!

And the husband was in his Mello Yello Groove!

We took the kiddos to the Strawberry Patch. Very cool. (Macy was recovering from her punch to the eye by the softball, so I HAD to include this one :)
It was while we were on our way home from the Strawberry Patch, that I found out I WON a trip to LA with Bertolli....

all expense weekend, where I met Rocco Dispirito,

And LaToya Jackson!
Me, Kristin, and Diane had fun chasing sports celebs around the Regions Golf Tournament!

Had a GREAT Mother's Day with my sweet boys.
Mason had his end-of-the-year FFA Banquet.
Mason played his first football game as a Pell City Panther!

And, the end of an era. Both of my boys had Ms. Whitten for their Kindergarten teacher, and now...they we are leaving Eden Elementary and they are almost as tall as her. We love Ms. Whitten more than words can ever express!!

And, me and Susie became Authorized Disney Vacation Planners! A dream come true!
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