Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a small world--The nursery on the Disney Dream

So, I would love to do a bazillion posts on all of the lovelies on the Disney Dream.....but, I am not quite sure I will ever get it all, I will do my best!

I want to start with this one. The nursery.

I mean, I know it is silly, but, this is the cutest little nursery in the world. (pun absolutely intended).

So many families will board the Disney Dream, and they will have little ones, that they want to put in the nursery. Rest assured they will be well loved.

Every little detail is taken care of, from the changing station, to the hand washing, and the cribs. This is a little slice of Heaven.

The theme, It's a Small World, could not be more fitting...and more inviting!

1 comment:

Karen Seal said...

How CUTE! :0) Love it!

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