Sunday, January 16, 2011

Butcher Block and ORB

I have no idea where I saw this idea, about adding some life to my butcher block knife holder, however, I was feeling the need to spray paint sOmeThinG....anything....the other day....and this holder was the victim.

And, I am glad I did.

I emptied the knives out, and wiped it off real good, and got started. Yes, just me, and a can of ORB, and I was all set!

So, I gave it a good coat of ORB, and then, it still needed one more, so I did.

Yes, don't be jealous of my very creative painting was cold outside, and the garage was the best option, well, that and a little help from an Abercrombie gift box :)

Anyways, after I sprayed the block, but while it was drying, I grabbed my handy dandy Making Memories Slice, and I cut a cute little "S" with the Sock Hop design card.

I cut it with white vinyl. And, I like it.

So, as soon as the block was dry, I added the vinyl.....and Tada!!! I love it!

And, it looks GREAT in my kitchen, next to my massive Starbucks cup, of course!


Kim's Treasures said...

Looks so nice! : )

Linh C. said...

I need to do this. I've been wanting to, but one thing or another got in the way...mainly my laziness! :)

jenney said...

Look at you! Such a cute idea - I'm totally stealing this!

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