Saturday, July 26, 2008

Uh Oh! I've been tagged!

So, I was just reading on Lucy's blog..........that she tagged me! Oops! What a slacker I am!

So, I have to list 6 random facts about me! This one should be fun!

1. My shoulders are double jointed! Yes, it is crazy. And, it looks really freaky. I think I could totally be on David Letterman for his stupid human tricks segment! (ask me, I'll show you!)

2. If you've read the 5 love languages, I am a receiving gifts, and Scott is acts of service. We totally have to TRY hard to love in each other's language!

3. I had most of my right kidney removed when I was only 16. (they had to leave a little piece of it, for my ureters). Then, ovarian surgery. Then, discovered that I have (well, had! I had a hysterectomy when I was 28) a duplicate system! Yes! You read it! Two of everything. Uterus, birth canal, (wait! is this too much info for my blog?!) Anyways, yes, ask me about it sometime. It's a pretty neat story! .................but here's a thought. Do you think I was supposed to be a twin? Oh my. The world could not deal with two of me! YIKES!

4. We have a sweet baby in Heaven! His name is Elijah. Man, he was a cutie pie!

5. I have been to the Oprah Show twice. (hey, that's probably not a random fact! because I tell everyone I know!)

6. I can't sing worth a flip, but in the car by myself, I am totally Celine Dion!

7. One more fact...because #5 is prob. not unknown..................oh yeah, sometimes, when Scott sings at church.....I just pray that his voice will be like that of an angel, and it will touch someone's spirit. I pray in my soul, and the whole time he sings, man, I am proud. Kind of like a mama, but even more!

***********Ok, let's tag! How about Gretchen and Susie! (wonder how long it will take them to see the tag!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy National Ice Cream Month

So, a quick trip to the Mayfield Visitor Center makes for a fun summer way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

So, go have a scoop.........or two!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I have a hangover!

Nope.........not a "i drank too much" hangover.......but a "i saw too much at cha" hangover! Yes. Talk about overload.
Scrapbook Celebs.
Dollar Signs.
Are you tired just reading it.

So, after I got up this morning..............................and the boys wanted to hang's what we did!

Mom took this pic.................check out the magazine. Just a little Scrapbooks Etc. is what I needed, as if I did not see enough this weekend. So, I just needed a little veg time!

The boys had a cousin over from AZ, and they wanted to we had tons of fun at the pool!

Whew! We needed some down time!

CHA pics to come soon! (hopefully!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AHHHH!!!!! Nothing better!

Nothing better than a spur of the moment trip to WDW! Yes, me, Susie and the kids (well, Mas did not want to go! That teenager with too many things to do!!!) hopped in the car and off we went, to spend a little time with the Mouse!

No drama, no crazy acting (well, you know! 3 kids, one car, no a/c for half of the trip!, and a little bit of rain!) no major catastrophies, and a fun time was had!

I just can't get enough of this picture of me and susie and all those ponchos in the background! Man, Disney makes a killing off of those things! I love it!

Yes, the rain came, and it stayed! So, after we wait for a little bit, we thought 'what the heck' and we got in line, and rode some rides! Yes, even the people mover had a line! How crazy is that! Disney in the summer, gotta love it!

But, it's like I always say "a rainy day on Main Street is better than a not-so-magical day at home!"

Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deeper Still

Yes, Deeper Still. Just a title, to a women's conference, right?

Nope. Not for me. Not for those 19,000 women that were tight in Philips Arena this weekend.

What a blessing. I won't bore you with the details, because I know that YOU weren't there (well, maybe you were!) and that you can't know the joy that I felt, the touch that I received, or the conviction that I was under, as God drew me to him with every word.

Travis Sang.

Priscilla spoke.

The Word came alive.

Mandeesa praised.

We did too.

No sleep was had.

Travis greeted us.

Mandeesa led us to the Mercy Seat.

Kay shared.

The Gospel was spoken.

Kay prayed.

I was already full!

Travis sang.

Beth spoke.

All in all...........

The word, became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory--the glory of the One and Only, that comes from the Father, full of grace and truth.

My goodness. This is not just a verse in the Bible (John 1.14) but it is THE word. It is everyday. It is our life. It SHOULD be us.

We should be the Word.

We should bring the Word to flesh.

We should live among them.

They should see His glory.

The glory of the One and Only.

We came from the Father.

Praise God for his grace and truth.

My goodness.

My prayer is that even today...........I continue, I yearn, I long to go Deeper Still.

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