Saturday, July 26, 2008

Uh Oh! I've been tagged!

So, I was just reading on Lucy's blog..........that she tagged me! Oops! What a slacker I am!

So, I have to list 6 random facts about me! This one should be fun!

1. My shoulders are double jointed! Yes, it is crazy. And, it looks really freaky. I think I could totally be on David Letterman for his stupid human tricks segment! (ask me, I'll show you!)

2. If you've read the 5 love languages, I am a receiving gifts, and Scott is acts of service. We totally have to TRY hard to love in each other's language!

3. I had most of my right kidney removed when I was only 16. (they had to leave a little piece of it, for my ureters). Then, ovarian surgery. Then, discovered that I have (well, had! I had a hysterectomy when I was 28) a duplicate system! Yes! You read it! Two of everything. Uterus, birth canal, (wait! is this too much info for my blog?!) Anyways, yes, ask me about it sometime. It's a pretty neat story! .................but here's a thought. Do you think I was supposed to be a twin? Oh my. The world could not deal with two of me! YIKES!

4. We have a sweet baby in Heaven! His name is Elijah. Man, he was a cutie pie!

5. I have been to the Oprah Show twice. (hey, that's probably not a random fact! because I tell everyone I know!)

6. I can't sing worth a flip, but in the car by myself, I am totally Celine Dion!

7. One more fact...because #5 is prob. not unknown..................oh yeah, sometimes, when Scott sings at church.....I just pray that his voice will be like that of an angel, and it will touch someone's spirit. I pray in my soul, and the whole time he sings, man, I am proud. Kind of like a mama, but even more!

***********Ok, let's tag! How about Gretchen and Susie! (wonder how long it will take them to see the tag!)


Gretchen said...

not long

Virginia said...

Hola sweet thang! I awarded you a blogging award today on my blog- check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Well....I saw that I was tagged, but, you know, I have been a little preoccupied!!! As soon as I can think of 6 random things about me I'll post them.....really!

Joy said...

I just have to say...WOW about the duplicate system! Was the second one just like.....floating around in there or what?! Crazy!

cheryl mezzetti said...

Love your random facts. Thanks for posting on my blog - i love your photos, your scripture verse and your school book!
Wonderful blog.

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