Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No pictures attached.........I am in mourning

Well, for those of you who don't know already...................my camera died.

Yes, that is correct. It is a sad day here. Actually, it has been a sad several days.

I picked up my camera to take a pic, and the shutter was making a ticking noise! Gasp! I took it straight to the doctor (wolf camera) and he examined it, disected it, assesed the situation, and looked at me and said, "the shutter is broken". I said "what do you mean" He said (in a very male voice) "the shutter is the main mechanism that allows the camera to take a picture"


So, I said (in my nearly emotional voice) "i know what the shutter does" "how long will it take to send it off and fix it" he said "oh,no, it can't be fixed" WHAT?!WHAT?! he said "Sony bought out Minolta over a year ago, and there are no longer repairs for Minolta" so I said (after I took care of the lump in my throat "so, then what do I do" and he gently handed me my camera back ( I think he could tell) and he said "it's over".


I just took the camera, and walk out, almost in a fog. The boys looked at me, in shock, thinking, what will she do?! They were quite for the rest of the ride. They knew it was serious.

So, needless to say, I have been without a camera for 5 days now.

Woodstock 5k.
Atlanta Braves game.
Steven Curtis Chapman concert
Last day of Scrap ETC at Patton Creek
Last days of Summer for the boys
Chapman's meet the teacher day

****************all of these with NO camera*****************
So, pardon me, if you talk to me and I seem a little disconnected. It's because I literally feel like I have lost a part of my being.

Is that sad, or normal?

Oh my!


Amy Nabors said...

:0 :0 :0 you are completely normal, well, if I'm normal then yes, you are completely normal for feeling that way. i almost started crying when i was reading your post.

Adrienne said...

NORMAL!!! I'd have a fit without my camera!!!

Deanna said...

Hey B! I just realized that the Britney Smith that made the Crop Suey DT with me is YOU!!! Yay! We'll be working together! :D (Yeah, they got my name wrong on the blog, but it's me. I double checked!) Can't wait to get started!!!

gimmegodiva said...

That is so sad. Let's have a moment of silence..........

But on the bright side... YOU CAN GET A NEW ONE!!!!!!

Creating Memories said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I would be lost as well without my camera!

Lisa said...

wow - i'm sad for you. like, i really had tears in my eyes reading that.

jenney said...

I'm sorry, B!! But this means you buy a new one!!! =)

wendy said...

Totally normal. I hate when I leave my camera somewhere and miss those opportunities.

Big hugs...the nice thing is you can go out and purchase another nicer one :)...no...not helping much am I?

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