Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok, kids! Don't try this at home!

First off, let me say, that if you know me at know JUST HOW MUCH I use my pampered chef stoneware! I have 4 pieces that I use, nearly everyday, and then I have a ton of pieces that I use when needed (ex: bundt pan, loaf pan, etc)

So, being the fabulous housewife that I am........I was in a super cleaning mood last week, so I set out to have a good looking kitchen! Yes. That's right!

So, I set my stove to self-clean....but then, about an hour into it, I realized that I had to leave before it would be finished. So, I turned it off, let it cool (because I am too fire-phobic to leave it going!) and left.

Then, came home, and went about the rest of my day. All is well.

So, that night after dinner, Scott left for band practice, and so Mas and I worked on getting the kitchen tip-top. I mean, spot-less. C-L-E-A-N.

Had the lamp on, to greet Scott when he returned. Lovely. Yes, just lovely.

So, as I was heading out of the kitchen, I saw that stove, and remembered......and TADA, I pushed that little button......self-clean. Set for 2 hours.

I thought to myself, when he gets home, he will surely be impressed. And, went about my business.

The problem you ask???? Well.......................I typically "store" my pchef IN the oven, because I use it so frequently.

Yes, that's right kids. The stoneware was in there. Chemically treated. Heated to ridiculous degrees.

So, now what? Well, I called the "test kitchens" at Pampered Chef, and they have been "researching" it, so we will see what they find out!

*please, Lord. We will starve without it!*


angie worthington said...

OH NO!!!....i have 3 or 4 pieces that i use on a regular basis and "almost" did the same thing...i can tell you that no other stone is the same as pampered sister's stone broke/cracked and she went to a certain store (think red) to buy a stone, just to get by with while her new pampered chef stone was on its way and she said that there is no comparison...papmpered chef stuff is great!...i LOVE those little $1 knives, so sharp!

Amy Nabors said...

oh no! i love my pc stone pieces. to be quite honest that sounds like something i would do though. hope you find something out about them soon. :(

Jenney said...

Oops!!! They have a 3 year warranty. =)

Gretchen said...

i mean, i am so sorry.
but still, very funny!
take advice from me: just don't clean so much.

Andra said...

It's a small world... I found your blog through Brooke.... Guess you could ask for Pampered Chef for Christmas (along with plastic butter bowls)


Brooke said...

That is hysterical. I can't believe that hasnt happened to me yet.

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