Saturday, August 30, 2008

Planning the party......

So, Chap's bday is not until December, but he thinks about it all year long. So far, it was going to be:
Indiana Jones party
Jonas Brothers Party
A party in a gym with a live band (Floodgate!)
A party at Burger King (quickly shut down by mom!)
A party here, sleepover with every boy in the 3rd grade (shut down by dad!)
And, he browses the most recent Oriental Trading catalog (no matter how much I throw them in the garbage, how does he still find them??!!) he has decided that he will have a huge party, and invite everyone he knows.

And, he so sweetly says "mom, if I don't invite EVERYONE someone will get their feelings hurt".

So, i sit, and i think to myself, he really does get it!

And, then, he says, "and I think on the invitations, i will just write at the bottom nicely, No Presents....Just money"

**Well, I guess he DOES NOT get it!



Lisa said...

That is really funny! Cole plans ahead a lot too - he's decided what he wants to be for Halloween but told us we needed TWO Halloweens because he wants to be Buzz and Woody. And he's already planned to invite his hole class and the hole playschool for his party - which he wants at McDonald's - of course!!

Brooke said...

B, It was so good to hear from you. Your family is adorable. I am so excited to read about your running! I am also running but have not run in a race or anything and not consistantly. you inspire me! My dad is running in the Marine Marathon in Washington DC in Oct. and we are going but i am not running. maybe one day. I love your blog. is it okay that i posted yours on my blog roll? if not i shall remove it.

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