Sunday, August 17, 2008

Totally Random Post

Is this the coolest chic evah? The answer: Yes.

**So, Scott was guest-teaching in a class........and everyone was raving about the O's last night, and about how she ran that in 2 hours, etc, etc. Then, they looked at me and said"it's crazy. would you ever consider doing that?" ..............."um, i am gonna do it. In January" she said, "you are crazy. that is solid running for 2 hours" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I said, "no, that is solid running for 5 hours"


So, the cat is out of the bag.

This cool chic is gonna run, too. Now, mind you, she has already done it ONCE. And, to be honest, was the original inspiration for me doing it this time! I am stoked that she is gonna run it too! Now, if we can stick together (that's my plan, g!) that will be the funnest run in the world (pun intended!)


And, this whole bunch is running the 1/2 the day before:





I am a little bit sad..and a little bit, umm, not sure how to be. A good friend of mine from high school died last week, age 32, a wife of only 1 year 2 mos. Now, let's tell the truth. We have not kept in touch or anything like that, and I did not even know that he was sick. I found out Saturday......and his funeral was that day. So, it's not like, I am still involved in his life at all.
But, all that aside, it makes me very sad. He was a great guy. He was everyone's bud. And, I am just sad that he was so young, and it hurts me when sad things happen.
The Lord is rocking my boat.
Yes, that's right. I learned that in church this morning. Now, I did not have to go to church to know that God allows us to have trials, and such.
But, it was brought to my attention (thanks, Holy Spirit!) that God is rocking my boat right now. My camera died. My SUV died. My ankle has been needing some attention (and then requiring some ultra expensive orthotics). Mason's braces (whew, those aren't cheap!). The rental house had to have a new floor in the bathroom. Must I go on.
So.......I have moaned. I have groaned. I have complained. I have grumbled. And, yep.
That was the ENTIRE sermon this morning!, actually, tonight). I am seeing it anew.
Thanks, Lord, for the test. My goal is to pass with flying colors. I know that we will come through it, and I know that YOU will receive glory from it!
So, bring it on Lord! A car......that runs anew! A camera, even better! Mason.......straight teeth! Fresh feeling ankle! A good looking rental property! Yeah, Lord! Thanks! I am looking forward to what you have in store!
Ok! enough for now! See, I told you this was random!
Maybe a little something more interesting later in the week!


angie worthington said...

i think this is my 1st comment on you blog, love it by the way!...i watched the O's and the marathon runner was awesome!!!...i envy her so much...and, let me tell you God is rocking my boat too!...problems w/ 2 vehicles, school clothes & supplies are needed....

Gretchen said...

oh yes, it will be the funnest race ever...if we live to tell about it!!

TracyP said...

OOOh Sounds like fun!!! I run for an hour everynite and still don't think I could do that! LOL
My hats off to you ladies:)
And the Olympic Marathon runner was simply Awesome too watch!

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