Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FastPass+ Enhancements

I am getting lots of questions about the new changes with the FastPass+ selection options so I thought I would create a little cheat sheet, to help make it a little easier to understand!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My first friend...

When I moved here, at the end of my 7th grade year, I hated it. 
No. Really. Like despised my parents for moving me. Just before high school. 
(one day I should write the "I was a horrible, head strong, teenage daughter" post)

To this town that had nothing. 
I was used to Birmingham. With everything. 
I hated it here. 

So, within a week or so, we started "band camp" for the summer. 
I knew no one. 

Our across-the-street-neighbor was in the band also. 
But he was a year older than me. 
And he was a guy. 

So he (the only human I knew in this town---and I had only met him twice) was gracious enough to find a girl. In the band. In my grade. 

He introduced us (and then passed my insecure, lost self to her)

She was adorable. So bubbly. 
And she said "you don't know ANYONE?! Let's go collect some friends!!"

And off we went. Collecting friends. 

By the end of that summer, I was home. 
With all of my friends. 

I've loved Jennifer since that very first day. 

The years, and the miles have created distance for us as adults, but we had dinner tonight, like we've never missed a minute!! 

I'm so thankful, for that very first friend :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let them be little...

So, last night we went to the Parent Information meeting for my Chap, beginning 9th grade next year.

9th grade.

The thing is, after Mason's graduation, and moving out, it makes it even more "real" and true.

Time. Does. Fly.

And the thing about this class.
I love every single one of them.
These kids are the kids that I have painted their feet to look like pumpkins.
I have been to the zoo with them more times than I can count.
I have made cupcakes, and birthday cakes, and holy cow...there's no telling how many of their birthday parties we have attended.
We cheered for their home runs.
We have been so sad when they were in the hospital, so sick.
We have loved on their moms and dads...and they have loved on us.
These are the parents that I know, without a doubt, if I was ever in an accident, my kids would be well taken care of.

This class, is FULL of fabulous kids! And I love them all.

So, I pulled out the old K5 End-of-the-Year Movie.
Yes...yes I did.
And it brought tears.

Not really sad tears, just proud tears!

I don't regret one moment I spent in the classroom volunteering, while my house didn't get cleaned.
I don't regret one second that I spent at the ballparks for kids that weren't mine.
I don't regret giving them ice cream money in the lunchroom when their crazy mom forgot :)

It's gonna be a crazy 4 years! High School with these clowns is gonna be a riot!

But I honestly can't wait to watch these last 4 happen...and it's gonna be a blast.

(Now, check with me after he moves to college...and that'll be a different story!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

He is faithful

I wish I would've started a journal, when my boys were little. Of the hard times---and the blessings. Or maybe I'll start one now. #HeIsFaithful

Friday, April 4, 2014

A little taste test

The lovely folks at Annie's Homegrown sent me a coupon to try one of their Family Style Frozen Entrees.

So, off to Target we went.

The thing is...the Annie's Homegrown family of foods is all organic and when you start reading the labels, you instantly fall in love with how good it is for the family.

So, I thought, let's try it and see! And we just might find a new favorite!

I had Chap with me (14 years old) and we couldn't decide.

So we tried both. The Shells & White Cheddar with Chicken and the Classic Macaroni & Cheese.

And then we had a taste test.

I liked the shells/cheese of the Shells & White Cheddar (but I didn't love the Chicken as much as I wanted to)--- but don't get me wrong...I cleaned my plate:)

Chap LOVED and I mean LOVED the Classic Macaroni and Cheese.

So, next time, I think we are going to try the Lasagna!

I feel like it is gonna find a home here :)

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