Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My first friend...

When I moved here, at the end of my 7th grade year, I hated it. 
No. Really. Like despised my parents for moving me. Just before high school. 
(one day I should write the "I was a horrible, head strong, teenage daughter" post)

To this town that had nothing. 
I was used to Birmingham. With everything. 
I hated it here. 

So, within a week or so, we started "band camp" for the summer. 
I knew no one. 

Our across-the-street-neighbor was in the band also. 
But he was a year older than me. 
And he was a guy. 

So he (the only human I knew in this town---and I had only met him twice) was gracious enough to find a girl. In the band. In my grade. 

He introduced us (and then passed my insecure, lost self to her)

She was adorable. So bubbly. 
And she said "you don't know ANYONE?! Let's go collect some friends!!"

And off we went. Collecting friends. 

By the end of that summer, I was home. 
With all of my friends. 

I've loved Jennifer since that very first day. 

The years, and the miles have created distance for us as adults, but we had dinner tonight, like we've never missed a minute!! 

I'm so thankful, for that very first friend :)


Melissa said...

There's nothing in this world that can make things better than a "first REAL friend"
You four ladies looked adorable!

Melissa said...

There's nothing like a "first REAL friend".
You four ladies look amazing!

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