Friday, April 11, 2014

Let them be little...

So, last night we went to the Parent Information meeting for my Chap, beginning 9th grade next year.

9th grade.

The thing is, after Mason's graduation, and moving out, it makes it even more "real" and true.

Time. Does. Fly.

And the thing about this class.
I love every single one of them.
These kids are the kids that I have painted their feet to look like pumpkins.
I have been to the zoo with them more times than I can count.
I have made cupcakes, and birthday cakes, and holy cow...there's no telling how many of their birthday parties we have attended.
We cheered for their home runs.
We have been so sad when they were in the hospital, so sick.
We have loved on their moms and dads...and they have loved on us.
These are the parents that I know, without a doubt, if I was ever in an accident, my kids would be well taken care of.

This class, is FULL of fabulous kids! And I love them all.

So, I pulled out the old K5 End-of-the-Year Movie.
Yes...yes I did.
And it brought tears.

Not really sad tears, just proud tears!

I don't regret one moment I spent in the classroom volunteering, while my house didn't get cleaned.
I don't regret one second that I spent at the ballparks for kids that weren't mine.
I don't regret giving them ice cream money in the lunchroom when their crazy mom forgot :)

It's gonna be a crazy 4 years! High School with these clowns is gonna be a riot!

But I honestly can't wait to watch these last 4 happen...and it's gonna be a blast.

(Now, check with me after he moves to college...and that'll be a different story!)

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