Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beware of the cocoon.

I've had 3 different friends this week, refer to "the cocoon".

What cocoon? And why does this word keep popping up?

"you know, she likes to slip into her cocoon when life gets hard, and not let anyone in"

"she has closed herself off from everyone, and only comes out of her cocoon on occasion"

"it's almost like if I could stay in my cocoon, then I don't get hurt. No one knows I'm there, and no one can hurt me"

*that* cocoon.

And then I read this very long and so heart wrenching blogspot from Heidi Swapp, just days after her son took his own life.
She blogged the events that unfolded in those days....probably so she could record them for her own keepsakes, but if I know her passion for memory-keeping like I think I do, she blogged this so that maybe it would keep someone else from slipping too far into their own cocoon / dark hole!

And so I'm not sure why, but God has impressed this word on me, over and over.

And then tonight Rick Bezet spoke at church, and his message of words was so very spot on. (funny how God does that).

But he mostly spoke about using the tongue to pierce.

But my heart kept saying "use the words to love. use the words to nourish. use the words to help"

And then on the way home, that word cocoon came again, but God reminded me, that from the cocoon comes something beautiful. Something with wings. Something with passion and purpose.

I pray today that I can be much better at using my words to help someone else find their wings and their passion...and even if they find themselves in the cocoon they can know it's not the end, but just the beginning of such a greater place!

After all the cocoon is a part of new birth, the beginning of a new season. A fresh start!

God has so much wonder planned for us all....if we will burst forth from the cocoon...and let Him use us for His glory.

What a great word for today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Your life tells a story

I just received the sweetest compliment.

My day started off rocky to say the least. 
Bit a little piece of everyone's head my house. 

Traffic trying to get to an appointment.
For. An. Hour!

And my insides ache, just because I woke up today. 

So. I drop Chappy at his appointment and go down the block to grab a cup of coffee. 
They are closed. 
Power outage. 
Of course they are. 

So. I go about 10 minutes down the way, to another. 
They are open. 

And everyone said amen! 

So. I'm getting my coffee. 
In a personalized cup, that my sweet friend Diane bought me. 
The lady next to me began to compliment the cup. It's so cute with Mickey on it.

You like Disney?! 
"I do. And I'm a Disney Travel
planner, so my worlds collide. And I love it."

Oh wow. Fun! 
As we are talking, she noticed my shirt. Oh I love that verse.  That's my favorite scripture. 
I tell her that my friend Jennifer gave this to me for my 40th birthday. 

And because it celebrates Kayla, and her verse as she continues her cancer journey. 

I instinctively refer to my purple bracelet, as I speak of Kayla

Then the lady, "oh my word. Look at that bracelet. How gorgeous" (referring to my Lucy's Locket cuff. 

And I begin to brag on Lucy, and her success and her gorgeous jewelry. 

And then I point out that my necklace is also a Lucy's Locket.

And the lady squeals, "your entire life tells such a lovely story" 

Gah. It sure does. She snapped me back into check so fast. 
I'm blessed with great friends and sweet treasures. 

What a lovely compliment. 
My life tells a lovely story. 

So much better than boring :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Serve Day 15

Where love covers a city. 
Wearing red shirts. 
131 churches came together to pour love into the communities. 
The hands and feet of Jesus put to action. 
131. That's incredible. 131!!! Not to promote a church. But to promote Jesus. 
Love people. Love people.  Love people. 
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