Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Celebrating 22 years!

Today, we celebrate this guy! It's his Coke-a-versary! 
When we started dating, he was a "route guy" and he spent many weekends on call, so lots of our dates included a quick delivery here or there! I didn't mind. 
Chapman was born in such a hurry, he came straight from work and is wearing his Coke uniform in the hospital pictures. 
Still today, when we go in a store, he "fronts the drinks" in the cooler by the cash register, or he straightens a display that has been shopped over.  
He's hard working, loves his company,  and the best Director of Operational Marketing there is! 
Coke is our family. And we are thankful. And they've got a good one in him!! 
#22Years #Charming #CokeMan ❤️ 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2 virtuous women

Today I attended 2 funerals.
One this morning. One tonight. 2 very Godly women that I loved and admired. For their faith, their family values, and their serving, unselfish heart. 
Each funeral allowed time for hugging and chatting with old friends, seeing family members that we rarely see. And all of these things were good. 
At the end of the leaves me thinking of "the end of my day". I can only hope I'm a portion of the person these women were. I pray that my faith radiates and draws others to Christ. Oh, if only my children will rise up and call me blessed. And if my days were full of giving to others, in whatever way God would have me give. 
My Aunt Joyce and Mrs Carolyn will both be truly missed. We are all better people because we knew them. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

My rights as a parent heart is heavy for a friend I love...and while this isn't something that I am  currently battling with as a parent...but it is something that I know I will face again and again.

the hard line between loving & guiding our children. when it gets hard.
---------- goes.

If one of my boys had a friend that I knew was struggling with a meth addiction....I would not "allow" them to hang out.

If one of my boys was dating a girl that had been labeled as "that girl"....they would not be "allowed" to date.

I put the quotes around "allowed" because I am not dumb enough to think that kids that drive don't have their own free will. They totally do.

But you see, by me offering the boundaries, I also set them up to make a decision.
Do they defy our rules in our household?
Or do they step outside of those and go their own way?

Now.....everyone that is a parent of any age....also knows that "going our own way" has risks, and consequences, and more importantly, life lessons.

While I would love to spare my kids from a few hard life lessons, I can't be a helicopter mom and control their every move.

I digress.
So, this brings me (us) to my (our) right as a parent.
While you live here, and I provide you with all of the necessities of life (yeah, like your iPhone...duh!)....then you grant me the rights to continue to parent you.

And that means it is ok for you to hate me, because you are grounded.
I know.
That sucks.
But you are grounded.

Believe it or not....I am helping you make some decisions that you can't yet make for yourself.

I am.
Because I love you.

And I call sin, sin.
Because I love you.

And God calls me to the mat on things.
Because He loves me.

But never once ever---not once. NEVER. does He discard me. Or disown me. Or stiff-arm me.

Nope. He loves me.
He has the right to discard me. and disown me.
Yes, He does, because of the way I act sometimes.

And, so in turn...I as a parent, should extend that same grace.

Love. with boundaries and guidance. But Love.

The key is that it always begins and ends with love.

But, dang it, why does parenting have to be so hard!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A text from my chiropractor /wellness Doctor today: 

Patience is required as body heals... consider it more of a windy road of a traveling plan rather than an exact destination to reach. 😊

Monday, August 29, 2016

Depth chart, Football and Jesus

I love Coach Saban.
We know this. 

But today in his presser, he yet again gives the media another reason to love to hate him. 
Or maybe they hate to love him. 

But when it comes to the topic of the depth chart. It's the perfect setup!!

And isn't that much how we are. 
It used to be that I <insert your name here> loved myself. Or I didn't doubt myself. Or I was a dreamer. 

But then the world created their version of me. And tried to write it on the wall and declare that is who I am. 

Plot twist: 
Your depth chart (opinion) of me doesn't count. 

I'm currently deep in the middle of Lysa Terkeurst's book "uninvited" and this is speaking right to my soul. 

And then Coach Saban confirmed :)

Roll Tide, y'all! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Steady hands

This week during prayer, the story of Moses was told like I've never heard before. 

Or maybe I had. But it resonated with me. In a whole new way. 

I'll admit I'm not super Bible-savvy, but I love when an "old story" has a new meaning. 

So it's in Exodus. And it goes a little something like this. Moses had the staff of God in his hand. When he would raise his Hand, Israel prevailed. But when he lowered it..well, Amalek did. 

So the point here was that Moses needed to keep his hands held high until the battle was won. 

I myself am a "hand raiser". 
I'm a praise-the-Lord-raise-my hands-in-church girl. I sing. (Off key). I sway. 
Whatever. I praise. 

But. What about the times when it's hard to praise. What about the times when it's you're broken. And your praise is weary. 

That's when you need an Aaron and a Hur.  One on your right. One on your left. 
And they say "hey girl. You stay there. I'll hold my hands up FOR you. I'll hold YOUR hands up for you. I'll praise for you until the battle is won. Or until you're strong enough to praise again!"

Recently, I had a similar instance. I had just had surgery a few days prior and everything was a struggle. Everything that we take for granted. 

I was home alone. 
And felt like I could *finally* shower. Not be rushed. And go slow. At my own pace. Before my people came home. 

I did.slowly. 
I was dressed. And I was feeling accomplished. 

And I had not thought any further than that. 

When a friend came to the back door. 
(That kind of friend that knows she doesn't really have to knock) 
And I said "oh my gosh. Will you please dry my hair."

And she did. 
And we chatted. And she left. 
She literally had just come by. Un-announced. To check on me. 

I can't ever be thankful enough. 
And such a great solid reminder in God's word. 
We need each other. 

Be an Aaron. Or a Hur. 
Because one day, you may need one yourself. 
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