Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Celebrating 22 years!

Today, we celebrate this guy! It's his Coke-a-versary! 
When we started dating, he was a "route guy" and he spent many weekends on call, so lots of our dates included a quick delivery here or there! I didn't mind. 
Chapman was born in such a hurry, he came straight from work and is wearing his Coke uniform in the hospital pictures. 
Still today, when we go in a store, he "fronts the drinks" in the cooler by the cash register, or he straightens a display that has been shopped over.  
He's hard working, loves his company,  and the best Director of Operational Marketing there is! 
Coke is our family. And we are thankful. And they've got a good one in him!! 
#22Years #Charming #CokeMan ❤️ 

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