Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adventures in babysitting

Middle school, high school, and into my first year of college...I babysat for a family with 3 children. The youngest was about 6 months old when I started and maybe 3rd grade when I *sadly* had to stop (mercy, why did they leave them in my care!). I vacationed with them, I took them to after school activities. I helped them peddle their Girl Scout cookies. 
They were my heart. 
I ran into their mom today. 20 years later. 
All 3 children are married. College graduates. And one has 2 children. 
Humbly, it was like a God-pat-on-the-back. 
Just what my heart needed. 
My kids just may turn out ok, after all. 
#TheyAreGodsChildren #NotMine

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tiny bites

Friday August 28th. Day 2. 
1/4 cup. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Will "rehab" for Mickey waffles

Seriously, I'm not making light of it. 
But if I don't laugh, I'll shoot myself in the face. So there. 

Here's where I am today. 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

Why? For answers. 

But even better. God came before me. 
And prepared the way. 

No really. He did. 

So, currently, I have an appointment at Medical University of South Carolina in September. 

Mayo Clinic in October. 

An "undiagnosed disease" specialist in Birmingham in November. 

A pain therapist in December. 

I kid you not. 

Who am I? 
Who is this? 

Rewind 2 years ago, I'm a healthy marathoner full of life and spunk. 
Today, I can hardly walk to the mailbox without being winded. And I'm
Almost an introvert on any given day, if the pain shuts me down. 

Yes. Toss your "no excuses" shame my way. I wave the white flag. 
Guilty of doing the same. 

But for 25 months, I've lived on a diet of chicken breast and JIF peanut butter. And the occasional oatmeal. But heaven forbid, not all 3 in one day. 

Anyways, I digress. 

In January 2015, during our 21 days of prayer, I admit. I don't think I prayed for myself once. 
On the day of healing prayer I was so focused on a few others, I never even tossed my name in the hat. 
True story. I was so discouraged. And felt like it wasnt an issue of healing. But an issue of the doctors need to get their act together. 

Today. We are again in 21 days of prayer. And selfishly I've been praying for (along with many others) and believing for a miracle of healing for myself. Selfish. I know. 
Move on. 

So last week, my doctor calls and says he's referring me to Vanderbilt or Mayo Clinic. He can't do anything else for me. 
The doctor at Vanderbilt can't see me until December. 
Then Friday, I get the call that they can see me this week. 
August. Not December. 

Then, I arrive today...
And the doctor already has a hunch. 
But he says "start at the beginning."
 So I do. 

He said that everything I said affirmed his theory. 
I truly believe God went before me and prepared his mind. 

And then all of a sudden. 
2+ years later. We have a plan. 

A diagnosis of sorts:

it's a post-infectious dysfunction. 
He says he is certain that I had a virus/ infection/bacteria/even a parasite maybe when it started so fierce that first night. (July 2013)
And the lack of proper treatment caused motility dysfunction in my large and/ or small intestine. 
Along with abdominal migraines. 

The good news is it usually corrects itself. The bad news is sometimes that takes up to five years. Or not at all. 
But with some meds, and then within a few days...try to eat very lean and clean. Small bites a day. 
He said to not try to eat meals. That's almost impossible. But to eat a few bites. A few times a day. Like baby steps. 

He's running some blood work to check for lack of nutrition and just to check levels and test for celiac tendencies etc---but he said he's pretty confident he's spot on. 
Motility issues would never show up on the tests. 
Makes total sense. 

And I truly believe it's the power of prayer. Prayer from so many. 
I have a team of prayer lovelies. 
I am so thankful. 
Today has been overwhelming. With love and prayer. 
I'm completely overwhelmed by the people that love me. 

**and for the record.....I've cancelled all of the future appointments at Mayo and in Charleston and Birmingham. I believe this is it. 
I believe God is restoring me to full health. 

And I believe that I'm going to eat a full meal with my family once again. 

Seriously. For the first time in 25 months, I believe full well. 

I can hardly even believe it when I type those words. 
What a powerful day today has been. 

I am so thankful for those that have prayed for and with me. 

I can't wait to share a meal with each and everyone of you. 
In maybe a year or two ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beware of the cocoon.

I've had 3 different friends this week, refer to "the cocoon".

What cocoon? And why does this word keep popping up?

"you know, she likes to slip into her cocoon when life gets hard, and not let anyone in"

"she has closed herself off from everyone, and only comes out of her cocoon on occasion"

"it's almost like if I could stay in my cocoon, then I don't get hurt. No one knows I'm there, and no one can hurt me"

*that* cocoon.

And then I read this very long and so heart wrenching blogspot from Heidi Swapp, just days after her son took his own life.
She blogged the events that unfolded in those days....probably so she could record them for her own keepsakes, but if I know her passion for memory-keeping like I think I do, she blogged this so that maybe it would keep someone else from slipping too far into their own cocoon / dark hole!

And so I'm not sure why, but God has impressed this word on me, over and over.

And then tonight Rick Bezet spoke at church, and his message of words was so very spot on. (funny how God does that).

But he mostly spoke about using the tongue to pierce.

But my heart kept saying "use the words to love. use the words to nourish. use the words to help"

And then on the way home, that word cocoon came again, but God reminded me, that from the cocoon comes something beautiful. Something with wings. Something with passion and purpose.

I pray today that I can be much better at using my words to help someone else find their wings and their passion...and even if they find themselves in the cocoon they can know it's not the end, but just the beginning of such a greater place!

After all the cocoon is a part of new birth, the beginning of a new season. A fresh start!

God has so much wonder planned for us all....if we will burst forth from the cocoon...and let Him use us for His glory.

What a great word for today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Your life tells a story

I just received the sweetest compliment.

My day started off rocky to say the least. 
Bit a little piece of everyone's head my house. 

Traffic trying to get to an appointment.
For. An. Hour!

And my insides ache, just because I woke up today. 

So. I drop Chappy at his appointment and go down the block to grab a cup of coffee. 
They are closed. 
Power outage. 
Of course they are. 

So. I go about 10 minutes down the way, to another. 
They are open. 

And everyone said amen! 

So. I'm getting my coffee. 
In a personalized cup, that my sweet friend Diane bought me. 
The lady next to me began to compliment the cup. It's so cute with Mickey on it.

You like Disney?! 
"I do. And I'm a Disney Travel
planner, so my worlds collide. And I love it."

Oh wow. Fun! 
As we are talking, she noticed my shirt. Oh I love that verse.  That's my favorite scripture. 
I tell her that my friend Jennifer gave this to me for my 40th birthday. 

And because it celebrates Kayla, and her verse as she continues her cancer journey. 

I instinctively refer to my purple bracelet, as I speak of Kayla

Then the lady, "oh my word. Look at that bracelet. How gorgeous" (referring to my Lucy's Locket cuff. 

And I begin to brag on Lucy, and her success and her gorgeous jewelry. 

And then I point out that my necklace is also a Lucy's Locket.

And the lady squeals, "your entire life tells such a lovely story" 

Gah. It sure does. She snapped me back into check so fast. 
I'm blessed with great friends and sweet treasures. 

What a lovely compliment. 
My life tells a lovely story. 

So much better than boring :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Serve Day 15

Where love covers a city. 
Wearing red shirts. 
131 churches came together to pour love into the communities. 
The hands and feet of Jesus put to action. 
131. That's incredible. 131!!! Not to promote a church. But to promote Jesus. 
Love people. Love people.  Love people. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fathers Day and money?! What?

I've always heard that people that work in the treasury department don't study fake money. But they study U.S. Currency so well, that they can spot an imitation in an instant. 
Yeah. That's how I know a good guy when I spot one. 
I watched this guy closely while I was growing up. And I didn't even know it. #EveryGirlNeedsAHero #OneRaisedMe #OneMarriedMe #FathersDay 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jack in the "band aid" box

I woke up Wednesday morning to blood everywhere! 
All over the ground, in the garage...puppy shaped blood prints! 

Alarming, to say the least. 

I found Jack in his spot in the garage crying. 
Bless him. 

As I finally convinced him to let me check him, he limped toward me, as I discovered he had cut his paw. 

What seemed like gallons of blood later, and the vet stitched his paw, and back home we go. 

Yes...with prescription pain meds. I kid not. 

This little guy will be fine, after lots of snuggles and TLC. 

The Westin - Birmingham, Alabama

Just a few weeks ago, we were "local tourists". 
Kind of a neat spin on things. 

We were attending our LIFE retreat for the weekend, and we decided to be "all in" to the process. 

So we decided we would stay at the Westin, in Birmingham, AL just next to the BJCC where the retreat would be. 

We thought it best to not drive home, do laundry, give in to the "real world" just for the entire 36 hours. 

So, I arrived a bit begged check in, but much to my surprise, they were able to secure a room for me, early. 
So, up to the pool on the rooftop I went. 

It's a small pool, with a little patio bar adjacent. A nice break for a small getaway. 

And the patio would be a great spot at night. 

Our room was lovely. Nothing over the top. But pleasantly  quaint. And quiet. 

We've stayed in a few cities at the Westin and in always pleased. 

Birmingham is no exception. 

We will be back. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Selfie Stick Ban

Let's call this "the gasp heard 'round the world" :)

Yes, when you say to a teenager.....or adult, for that matter.......Disney just banned selfie sticks....the reaction is quite amusing!

So, no! DO NOT panic. I repeat! Do not panic!

You may still bring your selfie stick into the parks! You may still have them in your Walt Disney World resort! And yes, you may selfie until your little heart is content!

Welllllll, the last part isn't completely true!

The Selfie Stick is banned from rides / attractions! And, it's for the safety of all guests. Not just you, but the guest in front of you, or behind you on the ride.

Imagine with me for a go up with the Selfie Stick, in the dark on Space Mountain, with a low-lying track just ahead, and BAM! The stick flies from your hand, and hits the guest behind you!

I know, I know, you have it secured with that little safety strap on your wrist, right?
Ok...things happen. Accidents happen!

And for the safety of all guests, they are banned from the attractions.

You may still take selfies in the parks, during the parades and in all common areas.
But, where it is not safe, you will be asked to refrain. an effort to help, the Memory Maker photographs are now available on many of the attractions, so maybe you won't miss that perfect photo opp after all :)

For more up-to-date info, follow Main Street Memories on facebook!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Too busy

Don't be too busy to be kind! 

So thankful for a sweet friend that took time out to feed my loves this week when I couldn't. 

Just a dish full of spaghetti changed my heart for the moment. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Surgery is scary...but the Lord...

It's not a secret that I've been battling some unknown health issues since July 2013. 
But I don't talk about it much, because quite honestly, I don't like to be a Debbie Downer. 
I don't talk about it, because I don't know what "it" is. 

I don't share because I don't want it to interfere with work "I didn't want to email you because you said you weren't feeling good." 
Please. Email me. Make me talk abut magic :)

What I do know, is that I haven't eaten a solid meal in 22 months. 
I know that I can't process food. 

<insert thankful for coffee and protein shakes here>

And I know the pain that has now become what some might call "chronic". 

So, after months and months of tests, doctors, medical bills that I have nothing to show for them, and of course the consistent "we can't figure it out"....they've decide Exploratory surgery is the best option. 
For today. 

Both my doctor and my surgeon don't have huge expectations. And there's a great chance that this will not yield results either. 
However. It must be done. 

Meanwhile, yesterday, one of my best friends gets the answer they weren't looking for. 
Kayla has a brain tumor. 

She will also have surgery at 10am. 

I don't want to minimize my surgery, however I am more concerned about her. And their family

I pray that God will comfort them. 
I pray for and believe for a miracle. 

But I do also have great fear for myself. And the unknown results of an unknown surgery. 

Will I wake up to nothing? 
Will I wake up to a miracle in Kayla's life? 
Will I wake to an unexpected complete abdominal surgery? 
Will I wake up? 

I don't always share my whole heart, but today I ask for prayers on my own behalf, but I am asking that you would go to the throne of Grace on my behalf, for Kayla. 
And her family. 

While I'm sleeping, and my doctors are working, I pray for Kayla's doctors. That their hands be steady, and their minds be clear. I pray they are Christians. And they take the leading of the Holy Spirit as they operate. 

What a day. 

I pray it's a day of unexplained miracles. 

Surgery is scary....but the Lord!!! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Living In Freedom Everyday

I am having a very hard time putting my thoughts into some clear form of a blogpost.

I am 20-year believer that a relationship with Jesus isn't a feeling.
It isn't the hype of a spectacle of lights and the wonder of fireworks.

After all, that's what Disneyland is for, right?! :)


So, 12 weeks ago, we (#Charming and I) enrolled in the Spring semester of Small Groups at Church of the Highlands.

We joined a LIFE group.

I knew we wanted to do LIFE. Because many friends, and fellow COTH members said that we needed to.
So, we did.

We joined a group of unknowns.

Imagine us, on the COTH Small Groups website, almost like a Jesus version of Russian Roulette, if there is such a thing.

Eeenie, Meenie, Miney Moe!

Yes, that's how we chose.
Very spiritual, I know.

So, I email this chic, Natalie...and I say " don't know a soul, but we totally would love to join your group" and she replies "wow! That's great, y'all come on!"

So... we did!
How fabulous of her!

So, for 12 weeks, we've been engaged in this LIFE class, learning the fundamentals of the Tree of Life.
Stuff we've heard for years, but never applied it in this way!

I'm not saying it's a new version of the Bible, or anything crazy, I'm just saying, it's broken down in a way that made me literally say "hold that again.....that right there will preach!"

Anyways, so it all comes to a grand finale this weekend, at the much anticipated LIFE Retreat.

Again, I can't put it into words.

Que the pageantry, lights, fireworks, spectacle... a program of excellence.

An event that ushered me straight to the heart of worship, and to the place that I could be so strong *in* the Lord, but yet so weak in His presence. 

But what I can say, is that I feel like my insides were scooped out with a watermelon scooper....and the good stuff was so sweet, and so wonderful, and the stuff that still needed to be pruned a little, was brought to light, examined, and then tossed away! To be remembered no more!

God is using ALL of me, for His good.
My good, my great, my sweet, and my trash.
Yes, even the trash...He is taking, and making a wonderful story of grace and redemption.

I almost feel bad for the BJCC.
I left a bunch of garbage there.

I left some relationships there.
Unhealthy relationships....left on the hard concrete floor of the BJCC. #SorryNotSorry

I left my anger there.
I left the mean words of some "friends" there.
I left my bitterness there.

I am so very thankful for a few friends that texted me throughout the weekend, to let me know they were praying for me.
They knew it would be hard.
They knew it would hurt my guts.

But they also knew that Jesus needed to rid me of that, so He could shine!

And, the end of the weekend....I was exhausted.
Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I brought all of me to the weekend, and I left with all of Him.
I am so thankful for these 12 weeks, and my friends in LIFE.

I can never express enough, how wonderful it is, to walk into a home of strangers....and never once feel judgement, or condemnation.
But a room full of compassion, and kindness, and silliness, and love.

It's amazing.
I tried to think of another power spectacular, or marvelous, or wonderful, or even stupendious...but none of those worked.

My God is amazing.
And I am so thankful to be working towards a life of Living In Freedom Everyday!

(and the Friday afternoon at the Westin, to "get my mind right" was not so bad either :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

"spiritual parents"

Today, we were thrilled to join in the celebration of Benny Bowman, and 35 years of ministry. 

But really, I would confidently say we all celebrated 35 years of life-giving impact. 

Benny and Connie Bowman are my spiritual parents. 
As they are for so many. 

But for me....
I can say without hesitation that much of my love for Jesus is because I saw it modeled so purely in them. 

Let's rewind. 
Scott was serving on the Student Ministry team, and they were on a youth retreat in Fort Payne. 
Little did I know, they prayed for him that weekend. They prayed that God would send him the help-meet that his heart desires. 
(This is from our first Youth Retreat as Student Leaders---why they let us be in charge of young people is beyond me ;)

I had no idea that was me. 
I really had no idea that I was "desired" as a partner in ministry. 

What in the world?! 

I had not been home from college long. And I can only imagine that just a few weeks later, when I showed up on the scene, something inside them must've laughed "God....are you serious?!"
But they unknowingly accepted the challenge of mentoring me. 

I was worldly. Oh was I worldly. 

Connie and Benny both loved me with a love that was greater than love. 
(This was them, so I guess we were ok!)

Only that love that God can give. 

They prayed for us when we got engaged. 

They loved us and ministered to us when we lost Elijah. 
I wasn't reachable during those days. 
My heart was shattered beyond repair. 
And they called us into their office --the couch was old and worn but it was so safe--but I can remember that it swallowed me whole just to sit in the safe-place that was their office. 

They told us "this will tear you apart, or this will be the strength of your marriage. You are both grieving. And you grieve differently. But you have to do it together."

I'll never forget them for that. 
I trusted them. I knew they sought Jesus with their whole heart. 

And at a time where I couldn't even see thru my blurry tear-filled eyes to search for Jesus, I trusted them. I knew they were right. And I believed that they were only looking out for the "best us" possible. 

Just months later, we would ask them to do
The unthinkable, and sing at Kendall's funeral. 
They accepted with an honored smile. 
I know, later, after looking back, how hard that was for them. They had loved Kendall from the beginning. 
And they brought the sweet spirit of the Lord into the church that day. 
And I worshiped with them. 

Again, I trusted them. I trusted their strength. 
I knew if they said we could get thru this, then we would. 

I was so thrilled to know that my boys would have that same leadership in their lives. 

But God had other plans. 
When Benny told us that God was calling him to another location, I sobbed. 
Only because I knew what my guys would be missing. 

But. I knew that this too would be ok. 
I trusted them. 

And of course, Chapman is still in those critical years, but Mason has had some amazing youth leaders and experiences.

And then, all of a sudden, Benny was the team Chaplain for his football team. Funny how God gives us our heart's desires.  

I watched as Benny ministered to those boys. He taught them the Word of God. And they trusted Him. They knew he was real. They knew it was not about football to him, but football was the avenue that God was giving him to reach them. 
I loved watching from this perspective. As I loved those boys too. 

Today, was a great day, celebrating Benny Bowman, but what it really was for me, was a reminder of the impact that we have on people. 

Again, as I strive to not waste my days and opportunities that He's given me...I'm thankful for such an excellent role model. 
And I'm thankful that they took me in (they really didn't have a choice) and they parented me, as I learned of the Lord. And they showed me how to find Him, trust Him, and fall in Love with Him. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

You can go your own way...

I'm a firm believer in this verse. And when God rocks my world with His plan, I ask Him to show me one that my simple little mind can say "oooooh, I get it now. Sorry again! that I tried to go my way" ;) 
And He does. He always does. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Making much of Jesus in my 40's

I had a moment at Christmas when I realized that while I love buying gifts for others, and finding something that will make their heart smile, I just don't "need" one.single.thing.

God has blessed me so much. And while I truly don't deserve it, I'm so glad He has. 

So as my Big 4.0 drew closer, I decided to make it bigger than me. 
I can't change the world, but I can be a little ray of sunshine in someone's day if I choose. 

So, 40 days before my 40th, I began those little acts of sunshine. 

My kids helped on a few of these and we enjoyed seeking out small ways to bless people. 

I had a moment during the Christmas season when I realized that God has blessed me so much, and while I love giving gifts, and buying for others, and thinking of them. And buying something to make their heart smile...I just don't "need" one.single.thing. 

God has blessed me so much. And I truly don't deserve it, but I'm so glad He has :)

So as my Big 40 grew closer, I wanted to make it bigger than me. 
I can't change the world. But I can be a little ray of sunshine, if I choose. 

So, 40 days before my birthday, I began little fun things to make each day brighter for someone else. Be it directly, or indirectly. 

I loved it. My kids were in on a few of these. What a blessing. 

I'm so thankful to be 40! 

40-We have a new neighbor. So I took a fun little gift for her and her son. 
39-We brought Nana a piece of homemade pound cake. Because we knew she would love it.  

38-I went to Pell City Coffee Company. And before I left, I pre-paid for the next person's coffee. 
37-I left a fun treat on the porch for our Mail Carrier. She's always so great.  

36-I delivered a few homemade crafts to a few teachers. A gift for them. Not their students. 
35-I stopped at a gas station near my house, and put quarters in the newspaper stands. Not a big deal. But I bet the sweet little man appreciated it when he came bright and early to get his paper. 

34-A small donation to St Jude for a little boy raising money. So sweet! I hope he met his goal! 
33-went on a date with #Charming and we left our young waitress a better than expected tip. 

32-Spotted a set of parents --of twins-at target. We left a $20 in the door. "parenting is hard. You're doing a great job!"

31-stopped in for 2 seconds and left a cupcake for a friend :)
30-I had a stash photo paper, so I donated it to a local elementary School teacher. 
29-Spent the day helping a friend pack for an upcoming move 
28-Gave a fun sign to a friend for their "man cave". We really don't need it, but it's a perfect fit for them. 
27-Took a large bag of items to the thrift store 
26-Sent Kara Tippett's book to a friend for her bday. Little did I know her dad would pass away just before she received it. #blessing
25-Mailed a random card to a long-distance friend 
24-Donated some of my clothes to a local women's clothing closet. 
23-I found $5 in my jeans pocket. So I taped it to the pump. It's jut much, but every little bit helps.  

22-I left a fun tip for our hairstylist, and one of her workers gads it to her AFTER we left! 
21-While we were in Walt Disney World, we left change in the pressed penny machines, so the next little pirate or princess can have their choice!  
20-Took dinner to Nana while she's caring for Pop in the hospital. She's been wanting to try Chicken salad Chick. So I picked it up for her!  
19-Another large donation of items to the thrift store
18-Delivered "dinner in a jar" for a sweet friend about to have a new baby girl!  

17- Asked my boys to cut the grass of a Single-Mom neighbor. They did it while she was at work. 
16-Called to check on a friend. Real life talk. Not text. Not social media.  
15 As a family, we volunteered at the Open Hands Overflowing Hearts 5k. 

14 A dear friend called, needing a friend. So I put all distractions away and we counseled. 
13 Helped friend get her house ready for a party 
12--Listed eBay items for friends to make some quick cash. 
11-Put $1 in the Coke machine at the hospital for the next person. 

10-as we were passing by the veteran's home, we noticed an elderly man crossing the street. We called the home, and they got him back safely.  
9-called 911 for a man on the side of the road. I didn't feel comfortable stopping but I did call for help. 
8-mailed a fun prize to a friend graduating from college soon!
7-let my mom borrow my silhouette. And she's been making fun gifts for friends like crazy. 
6 prayed for, and encouraged a friend while their child was in the hospital. 
5- invited a friend to church with us. And they came. So glad. 
4- cleaned out some scrapbook items and gave them to a friend. 
3-helped an older lady get her groceries from her cart, to the conveyor belt. I didn't want to offend her, but when I offered, she gladly accepted assistance. 
2--paid the tab for the car behind me at Chick-fil-A
1-sent my mom flowers, thanking her for my 40 years :)

I hesitated about posting, for fear it would be viewed as a brag. 
But God knows my heart. 

It was a challenge to get outside of myself. Daily. And deliberately think of others. 

But I'm so glad I did. 
40 is off to a great start. I pray I can make much of Jesus in the next 40! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Why I "check in" at church?

A while ago, someone asked on facebook "why do people "checkin" at church?

I don't remember who it was, but everytime I do, I keep thinking "I need to do a blogpost about this".

Here's why:

1. Because I am so thankful to be here.
I am thankful that I am able.
I am thankful to be with my family.
And I am thankful that I made it.  (meaning...we made an effort to put other things aside, and go to church!)

2. Because I can!
It's my wall (or twitter feed) and I can check in where I want to :)
I mean, I check-in at the coffee shop, and at dinner, why in the world wouldn't I want to "brag" about going to church! Holla! #CheckIn #ImHere #ComeSitWithMe 

3. But mostly, because I should.
"Share the news of Jesus"
"do not be silent"
"go forth, and tell others"
and I can go on and on!

4. So my friends can sit with me :)
It's nice when someone says "Hey, y'all go to Church of the Highlands?"
"Yes! We do!"
"We are thinking of trying it out? When do y'all go?"

And then the convo goes from there. It's much less intimidating to go to church for the first time, if you already have friends there!

Yes! We do! Come sit with us!
It makes a big church---become a small church!

So, I challenge you....dear reader! Don't keep your church-going to yourself! Check-in! Share the good news! Invite a friend! I mean...they just might take you up on it! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cinderella & Jesus

I'm super excited about the new series, beginning today, Miracles, at Church of the Highlands.

I encourage you to join us, or catch it online. 

As crazy as it sounds, I thought about it, after watching Cinderella last night. 

The seed that her mother planted when she was young "Have courage. And be kind." Isn't that what God calls is to do as His children?! 

Her mother taught her to believe in miracles. 
And she did. 
Because she *knew* it was possible. 

I know. I know. Fairy Godmothers aren't real. 
But are they?! 
They kinda are. 
But it's me. And you. 

{more to come on The Birthday Kindness Project}

When she ached at her stepmother, and cried with heartbreak "why are you so cruel?!" I felt my own self tear up. 

Why are people mean. When I show them kindness. Why do people gossip. When I've never been anything but kind to them. Why do people get joy in another's misfortune. 

And on the way home, the analogy came to me. So very much like God saying "I will take care of you. And I will take care of them. Have courage. And be kind."

You see. I'm in a LIFE small group, and we are on the subject of forgiveness. So God is stirring me up, inside and out. He's working in my spirit. 

When I combine it all, it's a perfect storm. And so I go into
Church this morning, so excited. And expectant. 

Physical healing for a few people on my list. 
Spiritual healing for many. 

But I'm expecting miracles. 
I'm so excited about what He's doing in my heart. 
Have courage. And be kind. 

And I'm just crazy enough to believe Miracles are about to happen. 

Dreams really do come true ;)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Selma 50

We went to Selma today. 

We crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge. 

A wonderful, powerful, humbling day. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

I got all my sisters with me

Today, was not the easiest of days.

My cousin Becca is one of my faves. 
And I don't say that lightly. 

As a product of divorce, we have one thing in common. Each other. 
My dad was her dad's brother. 

My sis. 
Her sis. 
Each other. 

Today, Becca said goodby to her sister, Dee. 
A cousin I wasn't super close to. Because she was 20 years my senior. 
But she adored me. Because I was her baby doll when I was born. 
Just something to play with :)

She always petted me. And ooh'd over me. Everytime we were together. 
Until just a few years ago. When she wasn't "at herself" enough. 

It seemed off today, being at her bedside. No petting either way. 
No goodbye was necessary. As I'm certain she had already slipped into eternity. 

I spent the majority of my time with my sis. And Becca. 

We are the 3 that "get" each other. 
It's funny. 
Not much of a relationship with the ties that bind. (mercy, that's another blogpost)
But we are 3 peas from the same crazy pod. 
No doubt. 

Sure. I had other things to do today. And sure. There were many excuses I could have offered. 
But today was one of those days when she needed "her people". I'm so glad we were there. 

There are not enough words to express. 

I'm so thankful that we share the gene of each other. I get them. They get me. 

And I'm so glad we were there for her today. 
A little crazy, a little silly, and a lotta love. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Princess weekend 2015

This is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. 

I would be lying if I said it wasn't a little stressful in the months leading up to it...registering for the run (stressful!), making sure the details are all in place, and just being sure my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed. 

But...what is so much fun is knowing that the fun is just beginning. Making dining reservations, forming somewhat of a plan, and adding a few little magical touches... #LoveIsInTheDetails

7 years in a row. 

We've completed this event since the beginning. 

Each year, we have a few new princesses...and we show up as strangers, but by the end of the weekend, many lifelong friendships are formed.  

It's a total blast. 

In this bunch you have moms, sisters, friends, daughters...but the fact is, you have women that juggle everyday to make life work. 

So this is a way to push yourself a little further than you thought you could. Accomplish something that many are afraid to try. 

But for me, it's just fine combination if all of that. 
Thru the years, we've had injury. 
We. Have. Had. Injury. 

Pregnancies, bulging discs, stress fractures, torn ligaments, cancer-free celebrations, and more. And we've all just rallied up to get it done. 

But for me. I've had injury. And I've hated it. This is NOT the weekend for me to be needy. Or dependent. This is the weekend I want to be a macho-super-woman-rockstar. 

2013--I walked it in a boot. Because I has a stress fracture that would. not. heal. 

2014--I had GallBladder surgery 4 days before flying to Orlando. 

And everyone was "my people". They helped my hobble, they pushed me in a wheel chair, they wrapped my bandages, and yes. They even put up with my whining. 

But not this year. Nope. No ma'am. 
No injury. No protective sign on my back. 
No problem!!!

I'm super thankful for my princesses. For my relationships with them. And for our community we have formed. 

Once you come in, even if you don't run every year, you're always one of us!! 

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