Friday, April 17, 2015

Making much of Jesus in my 40's

I had a moment at Christmas when I realized that while I love buying gifts for others, and finding something that will make their heart smile, I just don't "need" one.single.thing.

God has blessed me so much. And while I truly don't deserve it, I'm so glad He has. 

So as my Big 4.0 drew closer, I decided to make it bigger than me. 
I can't change the world, but I can be a little ray of sunshine in someone's day if I choose. 

So, 40 days before my 40th, I began those little acts of sunshine. 

My kids helped on a few of these and we enjoyed seeking out small ways to bless people. 

I had a moment during the Christmas season when I realized that God has blessed me so much, and while I love giving gifts, and buying for others, and thinking of them. And buying something to make their heart smile...I just don't "need" one.single.thing. 

God has blessed me so much. And I truly don't deserve it, but I'm so glad He has :)

So as my Big 40 grew closer, I wanted to make it bigger than me. 
I can't change the world. But I can be a little ray of sunshine, if I choose. 

So, 40 days before my birthday, I began little fun things to make each day brighter for someone else. Be it directly, or indirectly. 

I loved it. My kids were in on a few of these. What a blessing. 

I'm so thankful to be 40! 

40-We have a new neighbor. So I took a fun little gift for her and her son. 
39-We brought Nana a piece of homemade pound cake. Because we knew she would love it.  

38-I went to Pell City Coffee Company. And before I left, I pre-paid for the next person's coffee. 
37-I left a fun treat on the porch for our Mail Carrier. She's always so great.  

36-I delivered a few homemade crafts to a few teachers. A gift for them. Not their students. 
35-I stopped at a gas station near my house, and put quarters in the newspaper stands. Not a big deal. But I bet the sweet little man appreciated it when he came bright and early to get his paper. 

34-A small donation to St Jude for a little boy raising money. So sweet! I hope he met his goal! 
33-went on a date with #Charming and we left our young waitress a better than expected tip. 

32-Spotted a set of parents --of twins-at target. We left a $20 in the door. "parenting is hard. You're doing a great job!"

31-stopped in for 2 seconds and left a cupcake for a friend :)
30-I had a stash photo paper, so I donated it to a local elementary School teacher. 
29-Spent the day helping a friend pack for an upcoming move 
28-Gave a fun sign to a friend for their "man cave". We really don't need it, but it's a perfect fit for them. 
27-Took a large bag of items to the thrift store 
26-Sent Kara Tippett's book to a friend for her bday. Little did I know her dad would pass away just before she received it. #blessing
25-Mailed a random card to a long-distance friend 
24-Donated some of my clothes to a local women's clothing closet. 
23-I found $5 in my jeans pocket. So I taped it to the pump. It's jut much, but every little bit helps.  

22-I left a fun tip for our hairstylist, and one of her workers gads it to her AFTER we left! 
21-While we were in Walt Disney World, we left change in the pressed penny machines, so the next little pirate or princess can have their choice!  
20-Took dinner to Nana while she's caring for Pop in the hospital. She's been wanting to try Chicken salad Chick. So I picked it up for her!  
19-Another large donation of items to the thrift store
18-Delivered "dinner in a jar" for a sweet friend about to have a new baby girl!  

17- Asked my boys to cut the grass of a Single-Mom neighbor. They did it while she was at work. 
16-Called to check on a friend. Real life talk. Not text. Not social media.  
15 As a family, we volunteered at the Open Hands Overflowing Hearts 5k. 

14 A dear friend called, needing a friend. So I put all distractions away and we counseled. 
13 Helped friend get her house ready for a party 
12--Listed eBay items for friends to make some quick cash. 
11-Put $1 in the Coke machine at the hospital for the next person. 

10-as we were passing by the veteran's home, we noticed an elderly man crossing the street. We called the home, and they got him back safely.  
9-called 911 for a man on the side of the road. I didn't feel comfortable stopping but I did call for help. 
8-mailed a fun prize to a friend graduating from college soon!
7-let my mom borrow my silhouette. And she's been making fun gifts for friends like crazy. 
6 prayed for, and encouraged a friend while their child was in the hospital. 
5- invited a friend to church with us. And they came. So glad. 
4- cleaned out some scrapbook items and gave them to a friend. 
3-helped an older lady get her groceries from her cart, to the conveyor belt. I didn't want to offend her, but when I offered, she gladly accepted assistance. 
2--paid the tab for the car behind me at Chick-fil-A
1-sent my mom flowers, thanking her for my 40 years :)

I hesitated about posting, for fear it would be viewed as a brag. 
But God knows my heart. 

It was a challenge to get outside of myself. Daily. And deliberately think of others. 

But I'm so glad I did. 
40 is off to a great start. I pray I can make much of Jesus in the next 40! 

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Lisa said...

You are truly fabulous at forty. You also improved the quality of my hair on my spring break! You rock!

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