Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow!!!! A teenager!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! 13 years ago today, man, I was so nervous! Would I love him? Could I take care of him? Would he love me back? What to do with a boy? I've always wanted a girl! Oh no!
I remember crying, just sobbing, when he was born (c-section) and they said, "you are a mom!"
Oh my goodness! How overwhelming!

And, then, I'll never forget the emotion on my sister's face when she had tears in her eyes, and said "oh, Brittney, he's perfect" AHHHHH! What a wonderful day!
13 years? really! Is that just amazing to think about?

--------reality check----------
Oh no! A teenager?! Oh no! Driving soon! Permits, license, car, high school!!!!!!!!

What an awesome responsibility! Raising a teenager! A young man. A hero.

So, I took this pic last night. He went to be, still a kid, per se.

And, so when he woke up............ a teenager............a fantastic breakfast in bed was his wake-up call! Yummy pancakes, one plain, one chocolate chip, just like he likes it! With a good ole glass of chocolate milk! What a great start to his day!

Uh oh! Then there's dad! As I delivered the breakfast in bed, Dad followed right behind me with his most opera-like version of Happy Birthday tooooooooooo yoooooooooouuuuuuuuu!

Now, if you've never heard Scott's opera version of a should! It is GREAT........and crazy loud..............hilarious!

So, the day has started off great! Now, if I can just keep it together!

A bunch of kids and a rock-climbing party! How fun is that!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things go better with Coke.....and dad!

So, at my little scrapbook extravaganza this weekend, here's one of my finished projects! I can't get enough of this little book!

And then, here's a little mini that I made for Scrap Etc. I think they are all sold out now, but I am not sure!

And, then of course..............once we got tired, we got a little crazy. Scott invaded the studio and snapped a few pics. Here's one!

So, as if I did not get enough crop time this weekend, I will be hanging out at the crop at SE this weekend, too! How much fun is that?!?!
**Now, about that laundry......................................

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello, my name is Brittney, and I have a problem!

So, here's a genius idea! What if I actually USE the paper, instead of collecting it!
Here's the deal. I am sorting. Cleaning. Purging. And......yes, using! So, I made the stacks, so above, from left to right:
All of my patterned paper that I am keeping!
All of the paper that I don't want (please note: it is the biggest stack! Yeah, me!)
The gi-normous stack of layouts that need an album home
Next row:
All of my solids that I am keeping
The stack of paper that is all Disney! Yes, it had to have it's own stack!
The stack of Disney layouts that need an album home
OH, the stack. Remember those. Misc cuts. some 4x6, some 6x6, some 8x8. They must go.
My stack of clear overlays, etc.

This is close up. Please note the small, Disney stack of papers, and the enormous other stack!

Yep, these beauties need a home! Wow, that's not gonna be cheap!

The tubs are FULL of supplies, embellishments, etc that my friends get to look through and see what they want! The rest is going on ebay! Soon!

**Remember these! Slides?! Well, I have a bazillion of them. White and Black! Anyone need any? Leave me a comment if you want some! I will gladly send some your way! What in the world else am I gonna do with all of them!

Ok, all for now! Still cleaning.

**Next project:
Purging my ridiculous obscene alpha collection!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scrapbook Goodness

What a good Summer so far!!! Lots of swimming, and lots of ice cream, and fun!

And, lots of scrapbook goodness! I have been getting ready to have my cropping girlfriends over next weekend, and working on the pages for Scripts, and a few layouts for Scrap ETC.......a layout a day......very fun!

So, needless to say.........a messy studio.

And, the best part is, this is my desk with everything piled on top............BEFORE i started working on projects! So, hopefully, I can tidy things up, and take a better picture soon! But, for now..........I'll keep scrapping!

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