Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello, my name is Brittney, and I have a problem!

So, here's a genius idea! What if I actually USE the paper, instead of collecting it!
Here's the deal. I am sorting. Cleaning. Purging. And......yes, using! So, I made the stacks, so above, from left to right:
All of my patterned paper that I am keeping!
All of the paper that I don't want (please note: it is the biggest stack! Yeah, me!)
The gi-normous stack of layouts that need an album home
Next row:
All of my solids that I am keeping
The stack of paper that is all Disney! Yes, it had to have it's own stack!
The stack of Disney layouts that need an album home
OH, the stack. Remember those. Misc cuts. some 4x6, some 6x6, some 8x8. They must go.
My stack of clear overlays, etc.

This is close up. Please note the small, Disney stack of papers, and the enormous other stack!

Yep, these beauties need a home! Wow, that's not gonna be cheap!

The tubs are FULL of supplies, embellishments, etc that my friends get to look through and see what they want! The rest is going on ebay! Soon!

**Remember these! Slides?! Well, I have a bazillion of them. White and Black! Anyone need any? Leave me a comment if you want some! I will gladly send some your way! What in the world else am I gonna do with all of them!

Ok, all for now! Still cleaning.

**Next project:
Purging my ridiculous obscene alpha collection!


Adrienne said...

Brittney I have the SAME problem! LOL I'm going to be more like Virginia and USE my stuff as well lol

Shelley Burkett said...

Hahaha.... we must all be on the same page lately :)

Virginia said...

I am so impressed and proud of you!

And you guys are cracking me up... you realize the main reason why my stash is so small is because the Hubs keeps me on a tight budget, right? ;)

palmermom said...

I'm doing sme cleaning too. Someone got a great deal from me this week for $35. Over 1000 sheets of paper, plus 2 boxes of stuff, and a box of books and magazines.

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