Friday, February 27, 2015

I got all my sisters with me

Today, was not the easiest of days.

My cousin Becca is one of my faves. 
And I don't say that lightly. 

As a product of divorce, we have one thing in common. Each other. 
My dad was her dad's brother. 

My sis. 
Her sis. 
Each other. 

Today, Becca said goodby to her sister, Dee. 
A cousin I wasn't super close to. Because she was 20 years my senior. 
But she adored me. Because I was her baby doll when I was born. 
Just something to play with :)

She always petted me. And ooh'd over me. Everytime we were together. 
Until just a few years ago. When she wasn't "at herself" enough. 

It seemed off today, being at her bedside. No petting either way. 
No goodbye was necessary. As I'm certain she had already slipped into eternity. 

I spent the majority of my time with my sis. And Becca. 

We are the 3 that "get" each other. 
It's funny. 
Not much of a relationship with the ties that bind. (mercy, that's another blogpost)
But we are 3 peas from the same crazy pod. 
No doubt. 

Sure. I had other things to do today. And sure. There were many excuses I could have offered. 
But today was one of those days when she needed "her people". I'm so glad we were there. 

There are not enough words to express. 

I'm so thankful that we share the gene of each other. I get them. They get me. 

And I'm so glad we were there for her today. 
A little crazy, a little silly, and a lotta love. 

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