Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not just a bunch of pink tulips

16 years ago, my sweet friend Tammy sent me an enormous bouquet of pink tulips.
It was the only bright spot, on a very dark day. 

And every year, I buy myself a bouquet of pink tulips (or as close to pink that I can find). 

It makes the day better. In some sort of way, it reminds me that God renews my strength each day. 

The lovely Kara Tippetts posted the other day, "even bad days have good moments" and today was no exception. 

Then today, my friend Tommy posted... "The cost of making someone's day is easily one of the most affordable gifts" and today this resonated with me. 

16 years ago, my friend Tammymade my day. 
Today, it still makes a huge impact on my heart. 

Elijah Cole Smith 2.5.1999

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