Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cinderella & Jesus

I'm super excited about the new series, beginning today, Miracles, at Church of the Highlands.

I encourage you to join us, or catch it online. 

As crazy as it sounds, I thought about it, after watching Cinderella last night. 

The seed that her mother planted when she was young "Have courage. And be kind." Isn't that what God calls is to do as His children?! 

Her mother taught her to believe in miracles. 
And she did. 
Because she *knew* it was possible. 

I know. I know. Fairy Godmothers aren't real. 
But are they?! 
They kinda are. 
But it's me. And you. 

{more to come on The Birthday Kindness Project}

When she ached at her stepmother, and cried with heartbreak "why are you so cruel?!" I felt my own self tear up. 

Why are people mean. When I show them kindness. Why do people gossip. When I've never been anything but kind to them. Why do people get joy in another's misfortune. 

And on the way home, the analogy came to me. So very much like God saying "I will take care of you. And I will take care of them. Have courage. And be kind."

You see. I'm in a LIFE small group, and we are on the subject of forgiveness. So God is stirring me up, inside and out. He's working in my spirit. 

When I combine it all, it's a perfect storm. And so I go into
Church this morning, so excited. And expectant. 

Physical healing for a few people on my list. 
Spiritual healing for many. 

But I'm expecting miracles. 
I'm so excited about what He's doing in my heart. 
Have courage. And be kind. 

And I'm just crazy enough to believe Miracles are about to happen. 

Dreams really do come true ;)

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acminor said...

Very well written,B! Love it!

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