Monday, January 17, 2011

New Years Eve -2010

Well, Mr. Smith and the teenager were out of town, so, we decided to go hang out with some friends and spend the New Years Eve with them.

Now, I am not one to stay up, just to see the clock turn, but I also did not want to just hang out at home, either!

So, I gave the little one several options, and he chose the girly-sleepover! So, off we went!

We made Ice Cream Sundaes, YUM! With LOTS of sugar and about 10pm, yeah, 'cause I am cool like that!

Then, we got all tucked in and ready for bed. Yes, sugar and then an attempt at sleep. He doesn't do so well with that :)

But, it was a great night had by all!

A great way to send 2010 out the door, and bring 2011 in!


Mom vs. the boys said...

yummers, I could go for some sundaes!

Unknown said...

I am now following you from Trendy Treehouse Follow me Fridays blog hop..Id love if could follow me back

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