Monday, January 22, 2007

one of my 3QTGUYS is sick

Sad, sad day! Chapman is sick! Fever...fever...fever.

He is the sweetest patient, telling me just exactly how much he loves me, and what a good mommy I am! See there, he DOES need me! Sometimes, I wonder if God brings these days just to remind me that I need to stop and snuggle more, and to remind me that they DO need me, even when I begin to get frustrated, thinking they don't.

But, they do!

And, so does their Daddy. Whether he wants to admit it or not! He double books us, making dinner plans with one couple, when he has practice and so does Chapman on the same night! What in the world was he thinkin'. I mean, I am good, but not that good!

And, of course, Mason just ticks along, like a clock. You can count on him, to be routine! And, to make crazy-headed mistakes! That kid is smart as can be, but I sure do want to smack him sometimes! CRAZY KID!

But, regardless, just another day, and at the end of it, I am reminded (and thankful to God) of how much I love and I NEED my 3QTGUYS!


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