Sunday, January 7, 2007

Funday Sunday

Seriously, what does it take to get a job at Arby's? Obviously, not too much. So, I am already frustrated........long story, when Scott is in band is hard for him to focus on other things...Anyways, 'nuff said. (sorry, honey! but it's true!) I pull up to the speaker thing, and tell the lady, I have a pretty long order, but I give it to her very simply, and all in like quantities. (after all, I am really only ordering for 4 people!).

Anyways, so I get up there, and it takes for flippin' ever! As all of the Arby's girls are NOT busy getting my order together, because they are chatting. (so, I am remembering that my word for '07 is BLISS so I am trying to stay positive) so, she hands me the order all in 2 bags, which seems like not enough.

As I am about to pull off, I realize there are no sauces and and no napkins, etc. So, I wait (while they chat) and finally she opens the window and says "what?" then I nicely say, "oh, I just need a few packs of........." as the window closes........(Chapman is cracking up at the whole thing.......still singing his weirdo version of Joy to the World" ) so she finally re-opens the window, and I say, "and some marinara sauce" long story, I take the food to the guys in the band, only to realize that they have left out 3 items (which just happen to include MINE!)

....back to Arby's........

Must I say, the BLISS is hard to find at this moment, so I nicely drive up to the window, and they look at me like I am missing an eyeball! They give me the food, with no apology, no anything, just a smack, here's the bag, get out.

Guess what??????????

i am NOT thinking Arby's!

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