Sunday, August 5, 2007

How fun is that!!!!

What a super fun day!!!

The day finally came! We have waited for this fun event and all the hype!

So, here's the fun:
The day started at 5am, getting ready.all geared up!
Got there, all keyed up, marathon bar, tab energy, and all!
The boys were excited and keyed up, too and ready to go
Race started at 7:30am. Over 500 runners! How fun!
Scott finished in under 25 minutes, that was his goal! Yeah he made it!!
I finished under 30, that was my goal! Yeah, I made it! I was so excited!!!
Mason did the 5k! How exciting!
Well, Chap......... a little drama with that, as always!! He had fun, just hot and tired!
And, best of all, we had fun!

Oh, yeah! And, I won an ipod! Yeap, that's right! Door prize heaven!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

So, it was a great day! Great fun!

1 comment:

Jenney said...

Way to go on the running and the ipod!!! That's awesome!

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