Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...and everything else is just Clutter!

This picture has nothing to do with the story, but it really is relevant, in the end!


We went to a dinner several weeks ago, An Evening with Coach Nick Saban. Well, it was a great night, in itself, but I gained something from him, that God has been ringing through and through over the last few weeks.

He said, in football,they worry about two things....the offense and the defense. Nothing else. Not the stands, not the crowd, not the media, not the other team all in black, nothing. 2 things.

He said, "everything else is just clutter".

And, the same is true in life. But, maybe I worry about 4 or 5 things. (well, *should* worry about 4 or 5 things)
God-and my relationship with him
Scott-and my relationship with him
my boys-and my relationship with them
our families
and friends (you know, the real ones....not the ones that pretend they are, and then it comes down to it...and they are not!)

So, that is something God has been working on me with, in my journey to find my place, my purpose, my real reason for existence here. And, with some intense prayer, and desire for those answers, He is showing me some wonderful things.

Bringing me back to the picture. I think I will quit worrying about the junk, the job (or the lack of), the friends that really aren't friends at all, the money (or the lack of!), and just the rest of the trash....and I think I will continue to seek God's heart, and snuggle with my hubby, and make some fun memories with my boys!

because really, "everything is just clutter"!

Roll Tide!

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Brooke said...

Fabulous!!! and I agree with you on much of it (definitely not the "Roll Tide" part but I can overlook it: ) Its amazing how, when we focus on Him, our perspective falls into place. Our lives and all our clutter don't always fall into place (at least the "place" we some times dream up) but our perspective falls into place! I am excited about all that God is doing in you. Isn't it awesome that we never arrive at the end of knowledge and understanding of God and His working in our lives. He is still working on us! By the way, much has happened in our lives, I will have to share all that God has done with you soon! Love ya!

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