Monday, November 9, 2009

Day One---Done!

Let me start with the before:

This is the endless pile of laundry that somehow makes it way to our room, to be folded, sorted, etc. We have a problem. This house does NOT have a laundry room. The washer & dryer are in the kitchen...and I mean.....IN THE kitchen. So, where does the laundry go? When it is all done? and waiting. (I am hoping to find a solution this week!)
This the the closet. Very typical.

Scott's side: all nice and neat, tidy, and door closed.

My side: like a hurricane, free-spirited, on the fly...never closed!

And, the dresser. It catches everything.

The floor/Scott's music table. Catchall.

And, just the bed in general. I love my bed when it is made. And tidy.

Now, remember, I said the house has been neglected. This is the kind of stuff you can't make up on your own!
I love these metal letters, on our headboard....well, I put them, just below, so you can see.....but, they are supposed to stand you can see the word love (see final product!)....but, they had fallen, and had been down so long...well, you can see! (but they are on Scott's side of the bed, so can I blame him for the neglect?)

And, then, even the little things like this. Chapman put this pirate canvas here, because he wanted me to see it every morning when I wake up (my side of the bed faces this wall). And, this picture has fallen, inside the frame! For, like 6 months, I have said "I need to fix that!" Well, friends, today is the day!

---------The After-------(I feel like I need to shout, "bus driver, move that bus!!!"--------
Did I mention that I love my bedroom?! Why have I let it get this out of hand. This is my retreat. My place of peace. I don't have any pictures of my boys in here. It is for me and Scott. Just us. (I mean, don't get me wrong, I am NO Kate Gosselin, who kicks her kids out of the bedroom like a maniac) but...I do love it, just a room for us!

The dresser! All clean! (i should've waived for ya!)

This little corner, all cleaned up, frames fixed, pirate canvas...well, it moved to the kitchen!

Ok, check out the closet, cleaned out.....and in color order! BOOM! I love it!

But.....this little corner, still needs some help. This OLD tv, and that table.......any suggestions!

Ok...tomorrow....the bathroom!
Who wants to join Me?! If you are participating, please link up...right here!


Anonymous said... favorite is the dust-lined LOVE letters!! Hysterical!!

This is so funny b/c I'm doing the same thing at my house, but I had no idea you were doing any of this. So, I guess I should join in to keep me going. I started with my laundry room b/c even though it is tiny, it is definitely the dirtiest room in the house. But I don't have any before pics....Hmmm.....

Good job, looks great!!!!

Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, I didn't read this until after I had cleaned the one space on today's to-do list. I'll try tomorrow! Your bedroom looks fantastic!!

Gretchen said...

awesome!! impressive!!

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