Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Three-Done!

If you are not in the loop....catch up, here!
Oh, the kitchen. I mean...........oooooohhhhhhh, the kitchen (not said in a happy tone!)

It starts off with a little background. When we bought the house...the ONLY negative, is that the washer/dryer is IN the kitchen. I don't mean a closet in the kitchen, or a room off of the kitchen, NO! I mean IN the kitchen! And, I just do not like it.

But, we have not done anything about it, b/c in due time.....the kitchen will get a MAJOR overhaul. I am talking major. So, for stays.

The snacks, oh, the snacks! (on top of the fridge!)They overtake us sometime! But between lunches, ballgames, road trips, and just plain ole having the munchies....we always have TONS of snacks!

And, then there's this little spot...I love it! It is the coziest spot in the kitchen. But, please! Those flowers. D.E.A.D! And, have been for over a week now....doesn't anyone other than me see that?!

This little desk area...catches all of the JUNK in the kitchen!

And, the tons and never-ending tons of Halloween Candy! Gotta work on that.

So.......after LOTS of different cleaning supplies (several not pictured!)

-------------The Kitchen is CLEAN!-----------------

Look at the washer and dryer, and all of those snacks! All tidy!!!
**I even cleaned out the INSIDE of the fridge!

My little corner, all clean! gone!

The desk....clean as a whistle!

The counters clean!

The stove.....even the inside.....clean!!!


Virginia said...


Gina said...

WOW!!!! I went back and looked through your other posts're doing a great job and your home is beautiful!!

Gretchen said...

lookin' good!!

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