Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Clean-up Blog-along

Yes, that's right! Let the fun begin!!!

Now, first off, I feel like I need a little disclaimer:

I spent the Summer.....enjoying it! Having a ball, and loving every single day! Beach, pool, Disney, Alabama Adventure, Concerts, need I say more!

Then, school started, Disneyland for Labor Day, and our Fall-Running-Tour, extravaganza....oh yeah, and a little bit of that ole J.O.B!

Um, and then a 60 mile walk! Seriously. These last few months have been packed. FUN. but packed.

So, needless to say....the last thing on the priority list was the house!

Well, kids, times are changin'.

So, here's what we are doing. We are cleaning, and blogging, while we are at it!

Here's what I'm doing:

  • make a plan each day to be for each room or cleaning/decluttering project.
  • take before & after pics and post 'em on your blog each night, along with which room you are doing the next day.
  • come back to my blog and post your blog entry to a linky thing (this way you can check out everyone elses' progress to keep ya motivated too!)
  • join in, even if you can only do something for 15 min. (EVERYONE can spare 15 minutes of straightening, throwing out something, cleaning up something, etc. and you'll feel so much better for it!)
  • keep in mind- this is not a competition. this is not going to earn your righteousness or give you the "woman (or man!) of the year award"! this is just a chance to tackle a few projects around home with the encouragement of friends.
  • BEWARE: don't get sucked into the deadly disease of Magazine Cover-itis! ;)

I hope you will join us.....and make sure to take a before/after pic while you do!

So.....I am off, with my tennis shoes on, to clean.....I've got Hillsong on, and I am ready!


Anonymous said...

i suffer from Mag-Cover-Itis ... I battle it each day :)

Lisa said...

I'm in!! And congrats - you won the Wilna/Kayla Aimee class from Jody's blog!! WOO HOO!!

Tia Colleen said...

Dude, you cleaned A LOT in just one day. I struggled today with just getting my desk done. I think it took me 4 hours? Tomorrow, the stairs.

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