Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The journey of the Rainbow Cake

Well, I have seen a VERY cute rainbow cake....several times on several different, I thought it would be fun to make one for, we were going over to my sisters house for the, Rainbow Cake here we come!

So, starting with 2 white cake mixes. Divide each mix into 3 you have a total of 6 bowls of cake batter (approx. 1 cup each)
Then, put some food coloring into each color per bowl.

Then, spray the pans (9 inch cake pans).....and pour one bowl into each pan. If you only have 3 pans...then you will bake 2 times, no big deal!
After each layer has baked, let it cool. I repeat...let it cool.

After each layer has cooled, begin the layering process. Bottom layer. Then icing. Make sure to put a good layer of icing, this is important.

Layer. Icing.
Layer. Icing.
Layer. icing.

Now, here's what happens if you don't let the layers cool enough.

Until the cake is completely stacked.
Now, um, I am not the smartest cookie, so I started my colors from the bottom, duh. But, you get the picture.

Ok, so, I know, green comes before blue, but, hey, perfection is NOT my strongest quality!

And, then, I added the purple....and began to ice the entire cake. I used a cream cheese icing, instead of white....and I think it was a good choice!

Then, let the singing begin, as I presented this lovely creation to my hubby!

And, here's the slice.......oooooohhhhh....aaaaaahhhhh

He loved it!

And, here's the first cut!

And, now.....remember that I said LET THE CAKE LAYERS COOL...... well, shortly after a few slices had been removed, the towers began to fall!!! It was almost in slow motion

Yes, slow enough that we had time to grab the video....note in the video we are laughing hysterically, and Mas comes in to let us know that we are disturbing their precious football viewing! duh! MEN!


Unknown said...

It looks great on that blue plate!! Rainbow Brite !!!! Just maybe we will have an Auburn cake and an Alabama cake!

Gretchen said...


Amy S said...

This reminds me of a cake Ryan and I made YEARS ago. We divided the cake mix up and colored it, but we poured it all in two pans. It looked like it was tie-dyed on the inside. We called it a Hippie Cake. It makes fun cupcakes too! Thanks for reminding me of it, I think Georgia needs to learn how to make one!

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