Thursday, May 22, 2008


Please pray for

Steven Curtis Chapman and their family. Such tragic news.

You know, after a long turn of events, last night, I was really praying that God would open my eyes to where He wants me. Seeking out my true purpose...........and all that goes with that.

This morning, I hear this news, and just last weekend SCC was in an interview, and he was talking about his kids, and about his new song, my ultimate favorite, Cinderella, and he know you have to slow down, and enjoy these moments, because they will pass you by and one day, they WILL be gone.

My goodness, what a profound statement for me today, during their grief, and during these tragic moments that no one understands, God is still God and still delivers His message to those that believe.

My clarity come to me today, and may peace cover this family.

I know the sting of tragedy, and I know the feeling of "did this really happen" "was that a terrible dream" "how do I pick my feet up today"....................please, Jesus, help them.


Adrienne said...

How terribly, terribly sad.

lucysinspired said...

Well put, girl. You are so right... about it all. I squeezed my kids a few extra times tonight before I put them to bed.

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