Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am so tired........................................

I am so tired...............

Tired of NO ONE in my house caring that the CLEAN laundry is stacked to the ceiling on my bedroom floor. One stack for each of them turned into two stacks (after the first stack got so high it toppled over) and now onto the third stack. Notice: Not one stack for me! Mine is all put away

Tired of everyone coming home and asking "so, what'd you do all day". Duh, do you see the clean house, do you see dinner on the table, do you see the laundry (all stacked up!), did I run you ALL over town, to every practice you can imagine, are there groceries in the fridge, do you have plenty of shampoo? YES---------DUH!!!!!!! THAT'S WHAT I DID. THE BETTER QUESTION IS WHAT DID you DO?????

Tired of feeling like my chest is squeezing the life out of me because I am stretched in so many different directions sometimes I can't breathe.

Tired of eating on paper plates. For the love, where are the dishes?? We have lived here for almost 9 months now. Where could they be?

Tired of eating PB&J for lunch because we are broke as a joke. Yes, God provides, and believe me, if anyone knows that, I do, but the penny pinching gets so hard sometimes.

Tired of not being able to scrapbook, or even just create something. I have an entire studio filled with all of my lovelies, and I can't even get up there to make something fun.

Tired of needing to clean out my closet and throw some of that crap away, but I know if I clean it out and get rid of all of the stuff I don't want.........there will be nothing left.

Tired of hearing the squirrels at night. Please, God, please, I know you made the animals, but please, make them a new home.........not in MY attic! Please, I really think they live there......again!

Tired of not being able to run and workout like I want to, because I can only give it just a minutes in my day. Because everything else takes up my day.

Tired of feeling a little unloved, unappreciated, un-needed, unwanted, over-worked, not getting paid, non-creative, non-productive, and all of that jazz.

Tired of the garage looking like a wrecking ball NEEDS to hit it...........

Tired of the fact that I need TWO (count them TWO) pictures hung, and I can't do it........and they've been there waiting.........for too long!

Tired of my two boys living like pigs............and liking it!

Tired. Tired. Tired.

Whew. I needed that. Now, if I could only get off of this laptop and find some relief. But, not gonna happen.

So, I digress.

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Cynthia said...

I had to open a different window to post a comment in so as not to interrupt Buble's music. I love your music selections. I found you through Jody's NittyGritty blog. I can so relate to your 'tired' post! Doesn't it feel good just to vent? Anyway, bless you girl! Your work and love for your family is NOT unnoticed by the Lord!

Many Blessings to you today!

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