Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Has it really been 9 years?? I look at this little photo of his hands and feet, and I can hardly take it. 9 years. I wish he was here. I wish I could hold him, I wish I could see him run and play. I wish he was here today.
But, I will be content, and I guess thankful for the experience that it has been. I know that it is all God's plan, but that really does not make it that much better. Especially for today.
This is my quiet, be alone day. Do my own thing day. Elijah's day. Our day. I just want to go sit in that same rocking chair that I was in 9 years ago.

I think I will do that now.


Unknown said...

Bless you. I know that's a tough one, having experienced a similar loss myself. Remember him today, but mostly acknowledge where he is now and who he is with. God is watching over all our babies.

Deanna said...

Okay B, Virginia just linked me here, and I must say that I totally know how you feel. We didn't get handprints, but we have little feet hanging on our wall too above Sarah Kate's crib. She was a twin. So I'm right there with ya. Makes me feel a little closer to you somehow. ;)

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