Friday, June 5, 2009

Take.Take.Take it all

Wow! Wow! And wow again! We went to the Hillsong United concert and although I am a fan.....I was in awe of the worship experience that I encountered that night.

I am in a place......a very hard place right now, and trying to be even a little more intentional about my faith, my worship and just my relationship with the Lord.......and that is VERY difficult. Let me say outloud. Very difficult.

I feel like I have been floundering back and forth over the past couple of weeks, and I finally just this week, think I have gotten a better understanding. Every little baby step closer to Him, is one step in the right direction, but puts me under attack even more. And, that is tough. I don't deal well with conflict! ha! So, I tend to retreat, back to myself. But, just now, watching this video again, reminds me of the power that I have.

The power to praise, the power to share, and the power to overcome the attack.

So, if you feel so inclined.......just, mind you, we were in the balcony and I shot this on the spur of the moment, so it's a little rough, but you can see and feel the power of Jesus in this place. And, the force behind the worship!


Unknown said...

I wish I could have gone to this...a ton from our church went and kept twittering about it while there, lol...I was so jealous. I heard it was PACKED.

Love that song too!

Unknown said...

when are we planning our trip to Ausie? I love it! you are awesome B~

Michelle Whitlow said...

I think I'm in the same place right now. Trying to get closer to Him, and with every step I'm attacked with fear and doubt. Great post :)

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