Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little bit of 30.....

So, I was dashing out the door to go to a party for a sweet friend of mine, and it was her 30th, so we were all supposed to bring 30 of something. So, seriously, about 20 minutes ahead of time, I dipped these spoons, and began the gift-making process!

I had this heart candle/thing, that I bought at Target, either last year or the year before, and I have just used them for the "right" gift! I bought 10!

So, I dipped the spoons, and while they were hardening, I grabbed my January Scripts Kit, and began making the tag! I love these little Jillibean Soup Alphabets, and mixed with the music paper, and a few little accents, this kit was just the perfect match!

So, I made the tag, threw them in a cello bag, and viola! The gift was made!!!

And, a fun time was had by all!!!! What a fun night!!!


Anonymous said...

See....that's one of the many reasons I love you, whipped that up in 20 minutes!! It would take me 20 days, and it would look like crap!!! That is precious and thoughtful, and I know she LOVED it!!!!

Unknown said...

AND I LOVE IT!!!! 30 is great so far! You are an awesome friend!

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