Friday, April 23, 2010

35-----and loving it!

Turning 35.....what a blast!!! So, I thought I'd start this year with a list of 35 things that make me crazy happy! (be prepared! randomness to come!)

1. pulling into my garage. I never knew how great a garage would be!

2. how my face feels at night, after I wash it with my fave Neutrogena.

3. the fact that EVERY. Single. Morning. Chapman wakes up...and his first stop is me. No matter where I am. We hug. Then he can continue. Every. Single. Day.

4. a clean kitchen.

5. when Scott makes the bed. Rare. It is rare. I like it.

6. New running shoes. Little clouds under my feet:)

7. My iPhone.

8. finding something random, and then selling it for a silly crazy amount on ebay.

9. when Mason starts talking about something he is excited about...and he talks forever. It reminds me that he's still proud...when I'm proud of him.

10. mercy me. And everything they sing.

11. Spotting a celebrity. Not sure why I love that so much.

12. serious making out with Scott!

13. Getting something fun in the mail.

14. When I open up the cabinet, and the toilet paper is in plentiful supply! No crisis coming anytime soon :)

15. Starbucks. enough said.

16. A gift card to Starbucks. even better!

17. Just thinking in advance that Mason will graduate from the same high school that myself and his dad did. That is cool, and a very weird kind-of way!

18. When I cry at a tv show, or reality tv show, and the boys go silent. They know how I am...and that's ok.

19. Chunky jewelry.

20. A great coupon stacking sale! Ahh, I love that.

21. When the laundry basket is EMPTY! Success.

22. When Scott leads worship at church. I am proud...and sold out all at the same time.

23. Listening to either one of the boys pray at night. So innocent.

24. My camera.

25. a good mix of music on my iPod playlist.

26. Running with my sister....and enjoying every mile.

27. Lip gloss.

28. Scrapbooking. Just the process of the creating.

29. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table (rare!)

30. Winning a good contest.

31. When a friend calls and says "I was thinking of this...and I knew you would know"

32. High heels.

33. When Scott calls me baby. or darling. or any sweet endearing term.

34. Crossing the finish line. Every time.

35. I love that my 35th birthday festivities were so memorable...and that I have so many wonderful friends and family to share it all with!!!

35...and I love my life more today than I ever imagined I could!


Unknown said...

I just turned 35 recently and love it too. I am suprised though, I didn't think I would. I am glad I found your blog thru FMF. I hope you get a chance to swing by mine sometime at I sell CHUNKY Jewely too! hehe Hav a wonderful weekend!

Lisa said...

Wonderful post!! I love our list. I'm glad you had such a great birthday!!

Unknown said...

I love this list and the picture!!! 30 has been so wonderful!!

Emily said...

What a great list! :)

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

You are so darn cute!!!What a beautiful family :) I am a Mom too.
I am following you now and would love if you come follow me back and say hi!
Gros bisous

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