Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats!!!!!

Ok, here's the deal! I love the Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats.

No......I mean. I LOVE....totally LOVE....like...get super happy.....LOVE them!

So, when I saw this pan at Wal-Mart....I nearly flipped my lid!

I have been saving this little craft for Spring Break...and was so happy to have a "down day" with nothing planned.....and as I type...it is 2:43 pm and we are all 3 still in our pj's.....and I am totally cool with that!

So, let's get started!

Easy! Melt your butter and your marshmallows together. ON LOW. Do not burn them.
While you are waiting on these to melt, go ahead and get everything else ready.

You will need 6 cups of Rice Krispies measured out and ready.
Then, spray the pan. I love this Crisco cooking spray. It sprays so easy...and does not have a "taste" to it! Easy!

When your marshmallow/butter mixture is ready.....and I mean VERY melty......go ahead and add your Rice Krispies.

STIR QUICKLY.....and then putting them into the sprayed pan.

This needs to happen fast (this is why it is important to have it all ready....)

It's hard to believe.....but the ENTIRE recipe will fit into this one pan! Yes, this is pure Mickey Mouse goodness!

Now, don't worry, if it mounds over, while you are putting it into the pan. This is good.

You want it to mound over, so that you can "pack" it in there.....so it will take a good, solid shape!

Like this:

Ok, then, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, so it can become a little more "solid".....let the Rice Krispies become one :)

Flip the pan over (I recommend onto wax paper)
And, tada!!! MAGIC!!!!

How fun in the world are these!!!!

**And, note....this thing is HUGE!!! My little helper LOVED them :) Can you tell!
(Spring Break at it's finest...messy hair, and shirt on inside out)

And if you are wild, you can dip it in chocolate!!!


Lisa said...

yum yum yum!!! i kept a few kids meal containers from a previous disney trip just to make these but sadly, cole doesn't like them! crazy kid!!! I need to make some just for us!

Karen Seal said...

NO WAY! They have those pans at Wal Mart?! I'm so getting one! Thank you!!! Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats are my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

Vickie said...

wow,I've been wanting one of these pans! did you just buy this recently? and how much was it? and what area is it in?


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